Vernon 2014-15 Education Budget Proposed at $52.9 Million

The number is now in the hands of Board of Education members.

Monday's school budget presentation. Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel
Monday's school budget presentation. Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel
Superintendent of Schools Mary Conway on Monday formally presented a proposed budget of just less than $53 million for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

The bottom line is $52,913,759. That is $2,418,972, or 4.79 percent, over this year's $50,494,787 budget. 

In terms of satisfaction with the numbers - and she always calls herself a numbers person - Conway said she was "not sure."

Conway said she wanted the percentage increase in the 3s. 

"We were unable to do that without cutting current programs," she said.

Salaries carry an increase of $1.037 million, or 2.05 percent more. In 2014-15, teachers retiring - 17 in all - will save $493,000, but that number will be offset by $177,000 in severance pay.

Benefits account for $1.18 million more, or 2.85 percent. 

Salaries and benefits in the proposal total $32,571,602 and $8,545,789, respectively. 

A major priority in the budget was getting the implementation of all-day kindergarten out of the state-generated Alliance District funding and $110,844 has been included in the main budget for two kindergarten teachers at Center Road School. 

A total of $71,325 has been set aside for teacher laptops. Conway explained that, rather than purchasing 55 computers, a five-year leasing program would allow the school system to acquire 300. Conway said the goal is to get every teacher on the same system with the same pieces of equipment. 

An apple management system for $23,000 would streamline the system for upgrading the 300 or so Apple products in the school system, she said. 

A half-time athletic director salary of $61,596 has been added. Conway said the workload has been that great under the new system of combining an administrator with the AD. A half-time assessment coordinator valued at $58,541 would be absorbed into the administration and a full-time SEED coordinator's position at $115,270 is not included.

Workers' compensation costs are proposed at $130,000 more, representing a 100 percent increase. 

Transportation is expected to increase by $70,824. 

Public special education costs are expected to go down by $190,849 and non-public special education costs by $276,049. Magnet school costs are expected to rise by $276,773 to a bottom line of $700,000. 

Heating oil costs are expected to go down by $44,716 and electricity - thanks to cost-saving programs - are expected top go down by $76,300. 

Line items requested by not included in the budget are: 

• A half-time music teacher at Center Road School. 
• A full-time math interventionist at CRS.
• A half-time math interventionist at Lake Street School. 
• A full-time math interventionist at Vernon Center Middle School. 
• An elementary school math subject leader.
• An elementary school language arts subject leader. 
• An assistant football coach at Rockville High School. 
• Two RHS cafeteria monitors.
• RHS after-school supper.
• An RHS security guard. 
• A hardware specialty maintainer position.
• An electrical maintainer. 
• Funding for the VCMS wireless network. 
• A science kit replacement program. 

They all total about $500,000, Conway said. 

Here is the school budget formulation schedule: 

• Jan. 15 - 6 p.m., budget workshop.
• Jan. 22 - 6 p.m., budget workshop.
• Feb. 3 - 6 p.m., special meeting to approve the school system proposed budget.

On Feb. 10, the proposed school system budget is to be delivered to the mayor.
All meetings are slated for the school administration building.


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