Vernon Schools Delayed Two Hours on Wednesday

Crews still scrambling to make sidewalks safe for students.

Here is the official announcement on the delay of two hours for schools in Vernon on Wednesday:

Good Afternoon.  This is Mary Conway, Superintendent of Schools in Vernon.
The opening of schools will be delayed for two hours on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 with no morning kindergarten or pre-school.

We continue to have safety concerns about travel to and from school as we understand that many sidewalks are still impassable and sight lines are not clear.  For students who rides buses, if you are unable to get to your assigned bus stop, please get to a safe waiting area on the bus route and as close to your bus stop as possible where you will be picked up.  For students who walk to school and only if sidewalks are not passable on your walking route to school, please get to a safe waiting area on a route where a bus to your school passes and you will be picked up there.  Bus routes are listed on our district website at www.vernonpublicschools.org

I ask for your patience as we start school tomorrow.  Please be on time to your bus stop or safe waiting area.  However, we anticipate that with additional bus stops and many additional parents choosing to drop students off at school, there will be many delays.

I repeat, the opening of schools will be delayed for two hours on Wednesday, February 13 with no morning kindergarten or preschool.
Thank you again for your patience, have a good evening, and we look forward to having everyone back in school on Wednesday.


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