Vernon Mayor Offers Some Suggestions for the Friendly Football Wager Between Patch Editors

The Vernon and South Windsor editors have a challenge going.

The editor approached the chair after a recent Vernon Town Council meeting.

The mayor had the gavel in his hand, so there was some trepidation involved in formulating the question.

"Your honor, sir, would you care to volunteer a little trash talk?"

"About what?"

"The Rockville-South Windsor Football game?"

"Hmm … "

Mayor George Apel pondered the offer for a few days …
Then, before the next council meeting, Apel approached the official Vernon Patch media desk at Town Hall with a wry smile.

He said nothing, managed a chuckle and just handed over a hand-written note.

He's now in the mix in a friendly wager between Vernon Patch Local Editor Chris Dehnel - yes me - and South Windsor LE Ted Glanzer on the final football contest of the year between Rockville and South Windsor, which is scheduled for Nov. 21 at 6:30 p.m. in Vernon.

The losing side’s editor has to write a story about five things that make the winning side’s town better than the other.

Well, Ted, they Mayor took notes for you.

He didn't stop at five.

He is giving you seven.

Here are mayor Apel's suggestions. You can thank him for doing all your work later.

Vernon has, better than South Windsor:

• An 1849 Keystone arch tunnel.

• A 1939 war memorial tower.

• The New England Civil War Museum.

• The Hockanum River and 13 waterfalls.

• The Tolland County courthouse.

• Two town beaches.

• A hospital - obviously to treat Ted's bruised ego.

Speaking of Ted … Mr. Glanzer offered a terse "no comment" about the mayor's suggestions. He said something about writing a Chamber Business Person of the Year award story.

Guess what? That guy lives in Vernon.  

Guess Ted's just practicing for that Turkey Day story.


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