Statement from Vernon Little League on Coach's Conduct

Vernon Little League released an official statement about one of its team managers and board members engaging in a loud, profane argument with a youth umpire.

The Vernon Little League Board of Directors released the following statement Monday on the resignation of Chris Johns, a team manager and board member that got into a heated argument with a youth umpire Sunday.

Sunday, June 1, 2014 there was a regrettable incident involving a manager and coach from Vernon Little League and a youth umpire from Rockville Little League. There was language that was used that should never be spoken around any youth player or people watching a youth game of any kind. The coach has received a consequence and must sit out the next game and the manager whose language and actions were totally unacceptable has resigned from Vernon Little League Board of Directors. He has also resigned from his position as manager of a little league team. Vernon Little League regrets this incident and hopes to move past this and finish the season with Rockville Little League and its youth players.


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