Student Rep Prompts Lively Discussion on In-School Threats

She said it is a real concern of students at Rock ville High School.

The one comment that made the most people think during Monday's presentation on school safety and security came from Olivia Whitehead, the Rockville High School representative to the Board of Education.

She suggested that security drills should take place in real-time situations  like "passing time" in the hallways or at lunchtime. She also requested that a communications system be developed for students on campus but outside the building if a lockdown takes place.

But the one comment that really prompted a discussion was that, "Kids are concerned more about in-school threats than someone coming in."

Police Chief James Kenny used the opportunity to declare that safety must be maintained at all costs and that the concept of "snitching" has been eliminated with the threats now found on walls, in notes, in phone calls and through social media. 

He said an incident in Newington involving a student threatening to bring "an explosive device" to school was essentially thwarted by students who brought it to the attention of authorities.

He said threats on social media - like the Tweeted bomb threat at Rockville High last February are real threats and should be reported.

"We were very appreciative of everyone getting involved and it turned out to be all imagination," Kenny said. "But there is no such thing as snitching anymore."

Just after the Newtown school shootings a month ago, Kenny said the climate has changed because when children are attacked, it eats "at the core of society."


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