Rockville High AD Says There is a Good Feeling for Football

The Rams begin workouts today.

Even after contending with a scramble to fill the head football coaching vacancy over the summer, Athletic Director Steven Phelps said it was been a while since he has looked forward to a season this much.

"I was walking by the equipment room the other day and I just noticed how clean and how organized it was," Phelps said. "It has not looked that good in about six years."

It was, of course, a metaphor for what Phelps hopes is a sense of permanency - the transition from the Rams being a wrinkled practice shirt to a finely-pressed game jersey, ready for a big Friday night on the town.

In other words, he is hopeful RHS football becomes a showcase event in 2012, starting with today's first day of workouts.

It was all looking up when the weather started to get warm. The players, with the help of the booster club, conducted spring practice, marched in parades and pledged to be more visible by helping out in various capacities around town.

But then Coach Pat Cox took the Tolland AD job and, poof, the Rams were back to treading water in a sea of ambiguity, Phelps intimated. But the story is currently in a happy chapter after Rob Scholtz was hired and hauled everyone back on the boat.

Scholtz is a former RHS player under Tom Moore and has secured the services  of Steve Schottman and Charles Russell as assistants.

"It's been a smooth transition," Phelps said. "There is a feeling right now that the team is ready to give a maximum effort."

Phelps said coaches were on campus regularly in the offseason and about 40 players participated in both summer strength training and a summer passing league - about double what has been.

The Rams open the schedule on Sept. 14 at Rocky Hill and play their first home game the following week against Platt.

Click here to view the schedule.

Vernon Resident August 24, 2012 at 03:07 AM
I hope the "happy chapter" continues for Rob Scholtz after the unusual twist of hiring then the stepping down of Pat Cox. The kids really deserve a break!


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