Education Building Boiler Projects Moving Along

The projects are at Rockville High School and at the administration building.

So far, the winter weather has been hot and cold, but the school system administration is moving ahead with plans to keep two key buildings warm in case it cools down for a while.

Two projects are currently under way to replace fizzled-out boilers at the school administration building and make a sick boiler at Rockville High School well again.

A project to replace a non-functioning boiler at the administration building has been broken down into three phases, according to the Jan. 14 business and financial report submitted to the Board of Education and its Finance Committee. There are two boilers in the building - a broken 30-year-old piece of equipment and a 50-year-old boiler that is essentially running on life support.

The first phase involves the boiler replacement itself and because of the emergency classification, an amount of up to $80,000 was allocated from the education capital non-recurring account, the report indicates.

But it looks like the administration will spend just a fraction of that. Even though the bidding requirement was waived, administrators shopped around and received three quotes ranging from $38,000 to $45,000 for the replacement phase.

The low quote of $38,000 was submitted by by Advanced Mechanical Services LLC, which has a Connecticut office in Plainville, the report indicates.

The boiler will have dual oil and gas capabilities, according to the report.

Phase 2 involves installing a new chimney liner and Phase 3 is the work to install a natural gas line to the building for an eventual conversion, according to the report.

The ailing boiler at Rockville High School is also on the to-do list.  The projected repair costs are about $95,000. Insurance will pay for it, the report indicates, but $10,000 is needed for the deductible. Administrators will ask for the money from the capital account, the report indicates.


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