Dining on Crow After Turkey Day Eve Football Loss

The Vernon Patch editor pays up with a story.

Somehow, the Vernon Patch editor found himself on vacation during Thanksgiving week, which meant that South Windsor editor Ted Glanzer would preside over the annual football clash between Rockville and South Windsor high schools.

And the friendly wager, which dictated that the editor from the losing town would have to write a story for today on five things that make the winning town better.

There was a lot of trash talk between Ted and I in the weeks leading up to the game, so it was altogether fitting that on a trip to the garbage cans Wednesday night, the wind carried the sound from the RHS PA system right to the driveway.

At the end of the third quarter, the score is South Windsor 35, Rockville 6. 

Great. Just wonderful. The final was 42-14 and as the last bit of leftover turkey was finished on Sunday night, it came time to prepare for that Monday morning entree of crow.

So here goes. Five things that make South Windsor a pretty cool place.

5. Beelzebub Road. This is just the greatest street name of all time. I know a superstitious person who refused to look at a house for sale there because of the devilish implications.  

4. LL Bean. It's a pilgrimage for any outdoor enthusiast. Evergreen Walk did us all right by including this store.

3. The back entrance to Target. Speaking of Evergreen Walk, it's worth heading to the Buckland Hills shopping district the back way to avoid the main drag up there in Manchester.

2. The shortcake at the Strawberry Festival. It's worth the trip, It's worth the wait in line. It's that good.

1. Sun Sun. This is safe to say now that Big Tang is no longer with us in Rockville. Seriously, it's the best Chinese food around. Discovered it when  the Asian-born wife of a former colleague said it was the only place she'd eat at. The best eggplant lunch special.

Dottie Konarski November 27, 2012 at 06:39 PM
I grew up in South Windsor. You left out Podunk Mill Restaurant. Mom said as kids they could skate from the Mill pond all the way to across from Pierce Road using the frozen brook. Ellsworth Memorial High School....my alma mater. The columns come from when it was a nightclub. It was also a boarding house before it became a highschool. My dad's family lived there when they first came to this country. You also missed the Shepard family.....tobacco, sod and racehorses. One of the best known names in the town. And last, but by no means least....my dad, Barney Daley. He was the unofficial town historian, author of 3 books and the donator of 6 large cabinets that are filled with indian artifacts (on permanent loan) and located in the basement community room of Wood Memorial Library. Wood Library is open on Mondays and Thursdays and, at the moment, is having a gingerbread house display. I went last year....the houses are amazing. Great place to take the kids!
Dottie Konarski November 27, 2012 at 06:43 PM
I failed to mention that all the indian artifacts are ones found by dad prior to his marriage and later by dad, mom, my brother and I in the local meadows along the Connecticut River. As kids we hated to see it rain because we knew we were going to have to go 'look for arrowheads'. The heavy rain washed enough dirt off them which made them easier to find. Today I would love a chance to relive those days!


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