BCR Rebounds With a Win Over Barlow

The team is now 6-1.

Bolton/Coventry/Rockville rebounded from its lone loss of the season to take a which school hockey game from Joel Barlow by the count of 9-1 on Saturday at the Bolton Ice Palace.

Here is the scoring summary.

1st period
BCR - Kevin Morton from Paul Bates and Hunter Byram at 5:10.
BCR - Bruce Smith from Mason Madison at 6:20.
2nd period
JB - Will Sinsigalli from J.P. Shimko at 4:04.
BCR - JR Piretti from Bruce Smith at 6:17.
BCR - Kevin Morton from Eddie Bates at 7:54.
BCR - Liam McGrath from JR Piretti at 10:15.
BCR - Eddie Bates from Kevin Morton and Paul Bates at 14:45.
3rd period
BCR - Bruce Smith unassisted at 2:50.
BCR - Zach Bearse from JR Piretti and Nate Tonzi at 7:02.
BCR - Hunter Byram from Paul Bates and Kevin Morton at 8:42.
BCR goalie Cameron Earle had 14 saved while Thierry Jean and Liam Murphy combined for 37 saves for Barlow. 
BCR is now 6-1 and Joel Barlow is 0-7
Said BCR coach Christian Strevenson, "Joel Barlow's coaches and players are a shining example of good sportsmanship and class. They say winning builds character but defeat reveals it. What was revealed is that the Joel Barlow High School Hockey program has character and exemplifies what it means to be a class act."


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