Back to School Bargain: There is Justice

The girls store is offering a unique bargain.

"Can we go back to school shopping at Justice?"

"No … too expensive."

"Please …"


"But all the kids are shopping there …"

Yep. you cave in.

And this week,it's OK, because there is a bargain. Spend $50 at Justice and you get a pair of $25 cards good for $25 off the next $50 purchase, usable between Aug. 31 and Sept. 24.

The cards are called J-Bucks and are redeemable at stores at at shopjustice.com.

Cathy August 21, 2012 at 02:15 PM
For newbies: Justice seems to alternate between having "40% off entite store" sales and handing out "40% off entire purchase" coupons (along with the J bucks promotions you describe). Bottom line? Watch for their sales and Justice becomes no more expensive than anywhere else. My experience as a mom of 3 teens was that the real issue is that the cost of clothes in general goes up once kids are out of "little kid" sizes, and that sticker shock takes getting used to!


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