Vernon to Sell Seized Home on Morrison Street

The house will be put onto the open market.

The home toward the bottom of the hill at 13 Morrison St. is heading for the open market.

The Town Council decided on that this week, but not after voting on a motion that seemed to have more changes in it than a box of diapers.

The home has been seized for unpaid taxes and it has cost the municipality about $30,000 between lost tax revenue and legal fees, Town Administrator John Ward said.

Ward said the market value is about $127,000. He said the outside of the home is in better shape than the inside.

The yard is overgrown and an iron fence in the front is damaged.

The council was first asked to consider making Ward the agent to oversee a sealed bid process, but the minimum bid was kept blank.

The motion was first amended to a $50,000 minimum and that was changed to $80,000.

The council eventually settled on scrapping the auction and putting the house onto the open market with no minimum after hiring a local real estate agent to market it.

Emily October 05, 2012 at 07:06 PM
80,000 dollars on Morrison street. That is hilarious. There is another blighted property that will never sell because the council has pie in the sky ideas about making big money off of a loss. Be realistic and just sell it cheap with conditions of habitation.


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