Vernon Leaf Pickups to Begin Nov. 5

Streets in the town have been divided into three groups for leaf collection.

Leaf collection is scheduled to begin on Monday, Nov. 5. 

Public Works Director Robert Kleinhans said on Wednesday that all leaves should be raked to the curb by then to ensure collection. Kleinhans said residents should not to be alarmed if they see DPW crews out the week before. They will be testing the vacuum equipment and training the  temporary leaf collection laborers, he said.

Streets in the town have been divided into three groups. Group A streets will be collected first and completed before leaf crews move on to Group B streets and so on, Kleinhans said. 

He said the program is dependent on weather. Under good conditions, collection can be complete for a group of streets in one to two weeks. Rain, snow or freezing temperatures will delay the program, he said. 

Kleinhans said all streets are guaranteed at least one pass.   If time permits, DPW crews will make a second pass, he said.  Residents are at their own risk if they wait for a second pass or bag their leaves. 

Leaves shouldn't be raked into a street or onto a sidewalk, Kleinhans said.  Those doing so will be considered to be be in violation of Ordinance No. 235, Sec. 7-20, an offense punishable by a $100 fine.

Leaf bins will be open by Friday, Oct. 12, he said. The leaf bins are located at the Nye Street Firehouse (off West Street), the Church Street
parking lot, and Legion Field (off Regan Road at rear of parking lot).

Resident wile required to deposit leaves in the areas provided. The bins are for leaves only, Kleinhans said.

Contamination caused by disposal of any other type of yard waste will result in leaf bin being shut down. Plastic bags can be left in the trash barrel.  Lawn-sized paper bags are recyclable and do not need to be emptied.

Bagged leaves cannot be put out for collection with regular trash and a pickup for bagged leaves may be scheduled for the first two Fridays in
December, he said. Pickup appointments can be made by calling the DPW at 860-870-3500. Both biodegradable paper bags and plastic lawn & leaf bags will be collected.

Here are the street groupings.

GROUP A STREETS - Amy Dr, Austin Dr, Autumn Wood Ln, Bellevue Av, Berger Rd, Berkley Dr, Bette Cir, Birch Street, Blue Ridge Dr, Box Mountain Dr, Bradley Dr, Brent Dr, Bridle Path Ln, Brittany Ln, Brooklyn St, Brookside Ln, Burke Rd, Butternut Ln, Campbell Av, Campbell Av Ext, Carol Dr, Cedar St, Cemetery Av, Center Rd, Center St, Central St, Chamberlain St, Charter Rd, Chelsea Ridge, Cherry St, Christopher Dr, Church St, Cindy Ter, Clavet Pl, Cold Spring Dr, Country Ln, Court St, Crestridge Dr, Cross Dr, Crown St, Dart Rd, Daryl Dr, Deerfield Dr, Diane Dr, Earl St, East St, East Main St, Echo Dr, Echo Ridge Dr, Emily Dr, Eric Cir, Ertel Dr, Estelle Dr, Eudy Ct, Evergreen Rd, Fern St, First St, Foster Dr, Fox Hill Dr, Franklin St, Frederick Rd, Gardener Rd, Glenn Ln, Glenstone Dr, Grady Rd, Grant St, Green Rd, Grove St, Hale St, Hale St Ext, Hammond St, Hansen Dr, Harlow St, Hartford Tpk, Heather Ln, Heidi Dr, Hemlock Dr, Hickory Hill, High St, Hillcrest Dr, Hillside Av, Hillside Manor Av, Hilltop Av, Hyde Av, Inland Dr, Jan Dr, Jonathon Dr, Kanter Dr, Kenneth Dr, Kevin Dr, King St, Kingsbury Av, Knollwood Dr, Lake St, Laurel St, Legion Dr, Lewis St, Liberty St, Linden Pl, Lynn Dr, Maiden Ln, Maple Av, Mary Ln, McLean St, Meadowlark Rd, Michael Dr, Midland Dr, Minterburn Ct, Ogden View Dr, Old Stone Rd, Oxbow Dr, Partridge Hollow Ln, Pearl Dr, Peterson Rd, Phoenix St (north), Progress Av, Quarry Dr, Rambling Rd, Range Hill Dr, Reed St, Regan Rd, Regan St, Regina Rd, Rheel St, Richard Rd, Robert Rd, Robin Rd, Rolling View Dr, Rosewood Dr, Russel Dr, School Brook Ln, Scott Dr, Second St, Snipsic St, South Grove St, South Deerfield Dr, South St, Spruce St, Stanley St, Stone St, Strong Av, Summit Rd, Sunnyview Dr, Sunrise Dr, Sunset Av, Susan Rd, Tankerhoosen Rd, Temple St, Terrace Dr, Thomas St, Timber Ln, Tolland Av, Tower Rd, Tracy Dr, Troutstream Dr, Tumble Brook Dr, Tunnel Rd, Tunnel View Ter, Valley View Ln, Vassar St, Vernon Ctr Hts, Vernon Summit Rd, Vernon Av, Vernwood Dr, Vine Dr, Warren Av, Washington St, Wayne Rd, White St, Windermere Av, Windingbrook Trl.

GROUP B STREETS - Acorn Rd, Ahearn Dr, Allison Rd, Alpert Rd, Ann St, Bailey Ln, Bancroft Pl, Bancroft St, Barbara Rd, Becker Pl, Boulder Crest Ln, Briarwood Ln, Brighton Ln, Brimwood Dr, Brookview Dr, Bruce Dr, Butcher Rd, Cathy Dr, Chestnut St, Cottage St, Dailey Cir, Danny Trl, Dart Hill Rd, Davis Av, Davis Av Ext, Donnell Rd, Dow St, Drigg's Rd, Eastview Dr, Edith Rd, Ellington Av, Eliot Dr, Elm Hill Rd, Elm St, Emerald Dr, Emma Ln, Eva Cir, Faith Dr, Fernwood Dr, Gaynor Pl, George Dr, Gerald Dr, Grand Av, Grandview Ter, Hamilton Dr, Hany Ln, Hartl Dr, Hayes Dr, Haylin Dr, Highland Av, Hublard Dr, Ironwood Dr, Janet Ln, Jeff Rd, Jeniffer Ln, John Dr, Kenwood Dr, Lawler Rd, Lawrence St, Leona Dr, Lily Ln, Lorraine Dr, Loveland Hill Rd, Main St, Maple St, Mark Cir, Montauk Dr, Morrison St, Morrison St Ext, Mountain St, Neil Rd, Newmarker Rd, North Park St, North View Dr, Nye St, Oak St, Old Town Rd, Olive Ln, Olson Dr, Orchard St, Overbrook Dr, Park St, Penfield Dr, Phoenix St (south), Pillsbury Hill #1, Pillsbury Hill #2, Pine St, Pinewood Dr, Pinnacle Rd, Pleasant St, Pleasantview Dr, Prospect St, Quail Crossing, Rainbow Trl, Rau St, Rau St Ext, Raymond St, Ridgewood Dr, Risley Rd, River St, Riverside Dr, St. Bernard's Terrace, School St, Skinner Rd, Spring St, Sunset Ter, Talcott Av, Talcottville Rd, Tallwood Dr, Taylor St, Thompson St, Thompson Ct, Thrall Rd, Trumble St, Tyler Knoll, Union St, Valerie Dr, Village St, Wappingwood Rd, Ward St, Watson Rd, Webster St, Welles Rd, Wellwood Cir, Werner Dr, West St, West Main St, Westwood Dr, Willow Stream Dr, Wilson Ln, Windsor Av, Windsorville Rd, Wolcott Ln, Woodland St, Worcester Rd.

GROUP C STREETS - Allan Dr, Anchorage Rd, Baker Rd, Bamforth Rd, Beechwood Rd, Beverly Rd, Bolton Rd, Boxwood Dr, Brandy Hill Rd, Castlewood Dr, Cemetery Rd, Claire Rd, Crest Dr, Cubles Dr, Deepwood Dr, Discovery Rd, Dobson Rd, Dockerel Rd, Duncaster Ln, Eleanor St, Eleanor St Ext.,  Forestview Dr, Foxcroft Rd, Gottier Dr, Grier Rd, Harriet St, Hatch Hill Rd, Howard Dr, Huntington Dr, Indian Trail, Irene Dr, Juniper Ln, Lakeview Dr, Laurel Rd, Llynwood Dr, Marjorie Ln, Maxwell Dr, Merline Rd, Miller Rd, Miriam Dr, Oakmoor Dr, Old Dobson Rd, Patricia Dr, Pineview Dr, Pitkin Rd, Ravens Croft, Reservoir Rd, Seneca Dr, Sunningdale Ln, Sutton Dr, Sycamore Rd, Tamarack Ln, Tiffin Dr, Tobias Ct, Valley Falls Rd, Vernon School Rd, Vinetta Dr, Walker Ter, Wheeler Rd, Wildwood Rd, Wildwood Rd So, Wilshire Dr, Wilshire Rd, Zoey Dr.


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