Vernon Council's Debate Over Registrars Compensation Keeps Going ... and Going

Action on the issue was postponed for two weeks on Tuesday.

The on-again, off-again debate over compensation for the registrars of voters is on again.

But for a while it was off again.

But it is definitely on again - in two weeks.

The Town Council on Tuesday had a motion on the floor to set the compensation for the registrars of voters at $27,000 per year, plus compensation for state-mandated conference attendance.

The motion also stipulated that any additional compensation must be pre-approved by the council.

Town Administrator John Ward said the motion was designed to determine the council's preferences on how the registrars are paid. He said about half the towns in the state pay their registrars on a fixed budgetary cost, while the other half pays then on an hourly basis.

Council members seemed to like the fixed salary concept as a whole - and it would not be reduced under the motion. But the pre-approval requirement could cost them roughly $2,200 in additional compensation.

Democratic Council member Michael Winkler moved to postpone any action for two weeks in an effort to get Democratic registrar Judith Beaudreau and Republican registrar John Anderson, who recently took over after Cynthia Madden resigned, in attendance.

The motion was seconded by Democrat Marie Herbst. Mayor George Apel said both were invited. Neither was at the meeting.

Winkler said he wanted to give them another opportunity to render their opinions, but Republican Adam Weissberger countered by saying they were given "ample" notice to attend Tuesday's meeting.

Weissberger questioned the necessity to debate the issue since the council, after Hurricane Irene and the following October snowstorm, ordered that any compensation for the mayor beyond the position's salary must be approved.

The council eventually voted 6-5 to take theater up again in two weeks.


Judith Beaudreau February 06, 2013 at 10:14 PM
Interesting article ... John Anderson got an e-mail from Town Hall on Wednesday Jan 30th. I did not receive it. He asked if I was going? I told him No I did not know we were on the agenda. Toen does not inform us of department meetings nor give us agendas. John Anderson called up to Diane Wheellock and asked what it was about and told her that I had not been notified. She insisted that I was. she also told him it was about budget and he told her he knew nothing about this because he had only had the job for 2 weeks. I than received an e-mail which came from Lesley C in mayors office stating SECOND NOTICE. not same as John Anderson received. On looking at the e-mail I noticed that the e-mails were wrong. that her first e-mail never went threw to anyone. due to fact that she had " " around John's name and had wrong e-mail address for me. I corrected her and asked for an agenda and what was meeting about. she stated Budget.
Judith Beaudreau February 06, 2013 at 10:16 PM
I never received the agenda. I told her in an e-mail that I would not be there because we were not allowed to speak to budget items and I was not going to allow the Mayor to try to demean me agin in front of the council. I also said that John most likely was not coming either because he had to work. After council received there items and docs for the meeting - I had one e-mail me and ask waht was going on. I asked what they had received to find out that it was a salary sabatosh against me. I told council member that I was not coming and that when I did come I would provide recent data. this is a micr management to a budget that most likely is less than 1% of the total town budget. BTW I have asked for the finance department to furnish me with the real % our budget is of the over all town budget. I have requested this 3 times and no answer. I have also asked the town manager to put in writting the directive that the Mayor has put on our budget - 3 times and have not hear from either. I am about to do an FOI to get this info. This is getting a little redicilious. I hear the mayor is upset because I hire my family to work elections. first of all they are good workers and show up. their minsquel pay of $220. - $ 300. for the day - has no comparrison to family members of Diane Wheellock who have full time jobs of 35 to 50 thousand with Bennys.


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