Trade-in Makes New Parks and Rec Tractor Affordable

The town is using the sale of old equipment to offset the cost of new stuff.

The town has sold off a two decade-old tractor and applied the funds for a new one for the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Town Council approved the deal this week.

The tractor and a short list of accessories are being transferred to Kahn Tractor and Equipment Inc. of North Franklin for $9,200. That money will be used to offset the purchase price of a new tractor.

The cost of the new equipment is $41,803, which puts the cost of the acquisition in line with the $42,000 budgeted for the item, an explanation in the council packer explained.  

The tractor itself was purchased in 1991 for $28,000. Also included in the disposal deal was a bucket loader (acquired 1998 for $5,782), a grader blade (acquired in 1993 for $700), a rake attachment (acquired in 2001 doe $1,168) and a 14-foot trailer (acquired in 1986 for $1,195).

The old tractor had a book value of $929 and is "fully depreciated," town officials said.


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