Timeline: The 2013-14 Vernon School Budget

The Board of Education has examined the numbers for about a month.

Here is a  timeline leading up to the Board of Education's vote on Monday to approve a $51.6 million budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

The current fiscal year's education budget is $48,180,997.

• Jan. 9 - Superintendent of Schools Mary Conway presents a $51,885,043 budget to the Board of Education. It represents an increase of 3,704,046, or 7.69 percent, over this year's budget.

Jan 9 - Conway's budget includes a phased-in all-day kindergarten plan and limited extensions of the school day and year for extra learning opportunities. The board asks Conway to revise the budget to include all-day kindergarten and extended days and year throughout the system. The end result was $55,719,865, an increase from this year of $7,538,868, or 15.56 percent. 

• Jan. 16 - The school board decided to go back to the original extended day and year plans, but adopt all-day kindergarten. The number goes to $52,315,885, an increase of $3,790,808 from this year, or 8.58 percent.

Jan 23 - The budget is set at $51,971,805, and increase from this year of $3,790, 808, or 7.87 percent.

• Jan. 30 - The bottom line is reduced to $51,619,796.92, an increase of $3,438,799.92, or 7.14 percent.

• Feb. 4 - A $49,990 that was inadvertently left out of the budget is added and the 92 cents rounded up for a figure of $51,669,787, an increase of $3,488,790 or 7.24 percent.

• Feb. 4 - the school board votes 6-2 to send that number to the mayor.


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