School Board Chairman Sends Budget Letter to the Mayor

He is urging the town's chief executive to pass the school budget plan "as is."

The Board of Education chairman has sent a letter to Mayor George Apel in anticipation of the 2013-14 school system budget being delivered to him on Friday.

The budget was approved on Monday at $51,669,787, an increase of $3,488,790 or 7.24 percent.

"The board spent many hours deliberating this budget and truly
believes it accurately represents the needs of the Vernon Public Schools," Board of Education Chairman Dean Houle wrote. 

Houle also wrote, "We believe that it's our responsibility to support our administration by putting  forth a budget that supports our district's needs. In addition, We believe it’s fiscally responsible because
poor-performing schools (whether perceived or real) have a negative impact on property value, which impacts every property owner in Vernon."

Houle asked the mayor to pass the school budget "as is" onto the Town Council and voters.

The full text of Houle's letter is attached.

Click here for a look at how the school board arrived at the $51.6 million figure.


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