Obama-Romney: Who Won the Oct. 16 Presidential Debate?

President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney squared off in their second debate. Patch users in Connecticut offered their thoughts on the debate.

CBS called it “the most rancorous debate ever,” as President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney stood toe-to-toe Tuesday night describing the other as a liar.

The format was in a “town hall” style at Hofstra University, and the presidential hopefuls directly confronted each other, often after ignoring the question asked by an audience member.

Patch readers in Connecticut participated in a live blog during the debate, sharing their own impressions of the candidates and voicing their own opinions of the issues. Many people who posted to the blog already had their minds made up on for whom they will vote in November, but others weren’t so certain at the start. Here are some of the reactions:


Obama coming out swinging.


How can anyone actually watch this and think a straight answer is in the near future?


All Mitt needs to do now is stomp his foot LOL (like a 3 year old).

Paul Alexander:

This election is not about Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan. This election is about US. What kind of people are the majority in this country? What kind of people have the majority become? What kind of people do the majority wish to be in the future?


Obama is so much better than Mitt, Mitt just can't loose the smirk.


You know it seems you all are looking for the best actor here. How about vote on substance and not fluff. Obama has crushed the US the past four years and time for him to leave.

Jimmy Pursey:

This election is a done deal. The Republican Party never had any intention of winning it, hence the comically inept candidates.

This election cycle was about "positioning"...for 2016. Nothing more...nothing less. America is fine. America is strong. Americans have persevered through ACTUAL hardship. How dare you cheapen our nation's struggles. You should be ashamed of yourself.


I'm beginning to think Obama took a dive in the first debate so he could deliver the knockout punch in this one.


If there was a problem, I would much prefer Obama at the helm

Will Wilkin:

As for this election: VOTE SCHMOTE. The 2 parties have only the tiniest differences, both are toxic to the nation, not only shipping our economy overseas but also bankrupting us on permanent multiple undeclared aggressive illegal unconstitutional wars, tearing up the Bill of Rights and Constitution to continue the attempted global military domination on borrowed money.


The Town Hall format is very different from the panel format. This interactive audience style will be harder for President Obama to attack Romney's talking points.

Klair Waters:

When the President speaks about "Green jobs" he is saying there will be more pay offs to his pals.


Romney is clearly a better orator and his responses are much better organized and conveyed.


Romney making up his facts up as he goes along and because all the facts he doesn’t put on the table. He wants to win [but] doesn’t want intelligent conversation.


If I was undecided before I no longer am. Give Obama another 4.

Who do you think won Round 2 of the presidential debates? Tell us in the comment section.

Mike Wright October 20, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Kaptain. I do stand corrected, sir! Unlike Maria, I pledge not to continue to spread incorrect information after its been pointed out to me. I did indeed mean Charlie Rangel, an African American congressman from Harlem who thought his constituents would benefit from lowering the bar for qualifying for a mortgage so low that borrowers didn't even need to know what they were doing. Despite that every home purchase in the nation is required to have a HUD-1 form which clearly indicates to the borrower what he is responsible to pay, and further, give said borrower THREE DAYS after closing to rescind the deal after reading and understanding the documents. Yet, somehow, its the evil banks that take all the heat for forcing low income borrowers into deals they cannot afford.
Mike Wright October 20, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Because, as everyone knows, the mortgage crisis was Bush's and his rich cronies fault keeping the poor from rightfully owning their own home, as cited in a recent study that also showed that 99% of the people think "Faux News" is not a real organization.
jennifer gates October 21, 2012 at 01:55 PM
Remember sir Wright: don't believe everything u think
Mars October 22, 2012 at 02:50 AM
GUYS! I understand this is an intellectual debate of sorts but really! I think we can all agree on this: the world won't end if Romney wins and the world won't end if Obama wins. It's just 4 years and we can elect somebody completely different in 2016. I think all this bickering is childish and I wish everyone would stop, we all have different views and that's what makes this world so interesting. State your opinion but don't try to make everyone else agree with it. And making nasty comments about another person who has commented is ridiculous. Most people aren't even talking about the debate anymore they are just insulting one another.
jennifer gates October 25, 2012 at 11:54 AM
EXODUS: movement of ja people! we know where we're going! we know where we're from! this should b the OBAMA theme song! yea, bob marley!


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