Mayor's Report: Town Clerks Honored, No Fires and Cleanup on Hartford Turnpike

EPA has a focus on the Precision Plating Land.

Here are the highlights of Mayor George Apel's report to the Town Council on Tuesday.

• In recognition of Municipal Clerk's Week, the mayor read aloud and presented a proclamation to Town Clerk Bernice Dixon and Assistant Town Clerk Karen Daigle recognizing their work over the years.

• Fire Marshal Ray Walker has suspended the issuance of open burning permits indefinitely as the potential for wild fires remains high because of excessive winds. Apel said if the area gets excessive rain on Sunday, the suspension could be lifted. It will likely remain if the winds pick back up, Apel said.

• The federal Environmental Protection Agency has begun a plan to clean up the Precision Plating Corp. land at 1050 Hartford Turnpike. The land has been littered with industrial waste for years and is considered a Superfund site by the EPA.

Edie Chernack April 18, 2012 at 12:04 PM
Bernice and Karen are so very deserving of this recognition. That office has been understaffed for quite a few years and they still manage to get everything done that needs to be done. They are amazing!!! How sad that they have to be so overworked to accomplish all their responsibilities. It would be nice if they could get the help they need, since this is one of the most important offices in town. Perhaps some of the higher paid department heads would be willing to forgo their bonuses this year in order to allow an additional, qualified person be hired to help in the Clerk's office?! Maybe the 3rd floor of Town Hall could go back to having 3 people instead of being so top heavy. It used to run very efficiently with 3. Why do we need so many up there now? If we went back to 3, we would have the money to hire the people needed for the understaffed offices of Town Clerk and Town Planner. Something to think about.


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