Mayor Now Getting Progress Reports From Department Heads

"It's the engineer in me."

Mayor George Apel opened his latest report to the Town Council with a light-hearted suggestion.

"Maybe we should begin every meeting either lesson on the Constitution," he said.

He was making reference to the proclamation he had just read for longtime resident geraldine Strong of the Daughters of the American Revolution on behalf of Constitution Week.

Apel said he was impressed with the cleanliness of the school buildings and grounds prior to the start of classes. He toured each building with other town officials.

Town officials also toured the Newhoca area to examine the town parkland prior to the sewer work slated for the Boltonlakes area.

Apel presided over the dedicated for the new Phoenix Street Bridge last week and on Tuesday, he challenged residents to go back in the winter and see the falls over the Tankerhoosen River when frozen. He said it presents one of the best photo-ops in town.

He said Public Works Director Robert Kleinhans is "recovering nicely" from his sick leave and has been back in the office on a limited basis.

Apel said he is now receiving progress reports from every town department twice a month.

"It's the engineer in me," Apel said.

Right now, Apel is working off a hard copy of the reports, but Town Council member Thomas DiDio asked if electronic copies can be made available. Apel said it's an old habit to makes notes in margins on hard copy, but said he is working on it.


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