Hany Resigns Her Vernon Town Council Seat

She is citing back problems.

Judith Hany has resigned from the Town Council.

Hany was in her second term as a Republican member of the council. She turned in a letter of resignation after Tuesday's meeting. 

Hany said back problems made sitting through long council meetings painful.

"It has kind of … ugh … ruined it for me," a clearly upset Hany said on Wednesday in a phone interview. "I love talking to people and I love the word constituent. I liked to help in getting an answer."

Hany is 72 and a two-time cancer survivor. She also had had a hip replacement. But the back - and she hopes it is not leading to another bad hip - is so painful, it would be hard for her to be comfortable for upcoming budget sessions.

"It's hard to sit there,"  she said. "To be on the council means you can't stand up and lean against the wall - people will look at you like you are crazy. You have to sit there for an extended period of time. If you leave the room, you can miss a vote."

She added, "It's just too painful and that makes it hard to concentrate."

Hany said she will remain active as a representative of St. Barnard Church in the Vernon Community Network and she wants to get involved with the Community School project at Maple Street School. She said a stint on a board or commission could also be on order, something that meets less-frequently.

"Judy's not going to disappear," Republican Town Committee Chairman Harold "Hal" Cummings.

"I have to get this back straightened out," Hany said.

With the Board of Education budget being delivered to Mayor George Apel on Friday, Cummings and the Republicans have to hustle to get Hany's replacement on board.

Potential appointees were interviewed on Wednesday. 

The council must approve the appointee.

Hany grew up in Rockville and taught in the local school system.

"Spitirually I'm fine … it's that back,"  she said. "I have lived here all my life. I'm a Rockville person."

With that, her voice cracking, Hany excused herself from the interview.

"She's going to be sorely sorely missed," Cummings said. "She was very quiet and did not say much in open meetings, but she was very much a calming influence during a caucus."


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