Developer, Town Official: Roosevelt Mills Project is an Active One

Another round of financing applications is under way.

A passerby to the Roosevelt Mills Building recently commented that the project to turn the old sweater factory into a combination commercial and residential showcase parcel in Rockville had stalled.


One of the principals in the development project this week took exception to that notion.

"It's exactly the opposite," said developer Mac Levine. "We did not get funding the last time, but we are re-applying for funding."

Shaun Gately, the Town's economic development coordinator said the application for a combination of federal and state money administered through the state Department of Economic and Community Development is a realistic goal.

Neither discussed a dollar figure this week.

The mill at 215 East Main St. was built in 1906 and was known for some of the best sweaters around. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Loom City Lofts project, boosted already by more than $1 million in state aid, is designed to construct 68 apartments and 10,000 square feet of commercial space.

In 2003, The Architecture+Development Studio, L.L.C.. also known as Studio A+D, entered into an agreement with the town for an option to purchase the site. Execution of the option was contingent upon each party reaching the agreed upon a series of "performance milestones," according to a history of the development on the Studio A+D web site.

In 2004 the Roosevelt Mills was placed into the state Department of Environmental Protection Voluntary Remediation Program. The two main areas of contamination were coal ash in the parking lot and chlorinated solvents under the first floor slab, left over from the mill’s former dry cleaning machines, Studio A+D said. Secondary "contaminant concerns" were minor amounts of asbestos and lead paint. An approved Remediation Action Plan was secured on May 15, 2005.

In April, 2010, then-Mayor Jason McCoy announced the groundbreaking ceremony for the project.

Development plans for Loom City Lofts include a combination of residential and commercial use, with sixty-eight one-bedroom apartments intended for the upper floors, and approximately 10,000 square feet of retail and office space planned for the first floor.

The project was anticipated to take approximately 15-18 months once construction begins, McCoy said in the original new release.

The property has been cleaned out and the building gutted for the transformation, but it still sits vacant while the developer works on the plans.

Gately mentioned that the parcel to the immediate north of the - a white multi-family house - is now part of the project. 

The factory across the street - if ever taken on - would be an entirely separate development, Gately said.

meowkats4 September 29, 2012 at 02:04 PM
If they can't get the funding for this project then WHAT? This town needs to look at the big picture we have here! We can't save all of the Old MILLS in this town, and we should not just let them stand VACANT for years and drive by them and pretend we don't see them! I would like to know if the Town has plans for the future, when the funds from the Federal and State DRYS UP for these projects!!!
carl slicer October 09, 2012 at 07:17 PM
ARCHITECTURE & DEVELOPMENT STUDIO, LLC. is owned by JOSEPH VALLONE of 9 BOBWHITE DR, WESTPORT, CT, 06880. The Conn Secty of state shows the last time the LLC was "Active & Current" was March 2009. The LLC is out of favor with the Secty of State. The website, www.studioa-d.com/ , shows several other projects keeping the owner busy. With 68 Apts at $1000 per month, the gross receipts would be approx $1 million a year. More than enough to carry a mortgage. Why does the State of Conn have to bail the owner out? But because of pollution the owner wants the taxpayer to pay for it & then the owner gets the income? Tell me the owner can not find investors to complete this. Carl Slicer


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