Dems Make Eastwood's Day With 35th District Nomination

She will again challenge Guglielmo.

Democrats from Connecticut's 35th state senatorial district have nominated Susan Eastwood to run for the seat in the November election.

The convention took place in Tolland on Monday. Eastwood will challenge longtime Republican incumbent Tony Guglielmo in her second try to the seat.

Eastwood was nominated in a speech by state House of Representatives candidate John Murphy.

Two years ago, Eastwood had the best showing of any challenger against Guglielmo ever.

“After 20 years in office, Senator Guglielmo is one of the longest-serving State Senators in Hartford. What has he achieved during his long tenure? This year he voted no on education reform and repeal of the death penalty," Eastwood said. "He voted no on Sustinet. He voted no on the energy bill and paid sick leave as well, and he consistently votes against the budget. It’s not enough to vote no. In these tough times we need a strong advocate who listens and has the energy and drive to fight for us.”

Eastwood said she is running for office, "because everyone in our community should have access to great opportunities - the opportunity for a great public education, to start a local business, access to quality and affordable health care, to a clean and a sustainable environment and an affordable retirement."

She added, "I want to give back to this community for all of the support they have shown me and my family over the years. “I am driven to run because we don’t have the time to wait. The issues are critical.”

Eastwood’s former campaign manager, Jordan Jacobs said that in 2010, Eastwood was running as a "proud Democrat against a strong Republican headwind."

"Many folks told her not to put Democrat on her signs but that’s not who Susan is," he said. "She is clear and proud of her values.” 

Jacobs said he expects an advantage in Democratic turnout in a Presidential election year. That gives Eastwood has a much better shot at winning, Jacobs said.

“What folks don’t know is that Guglielmo does very little to represent his constituents in Hartford," Jacobs said. "We have to do a better job this year to distinguish Susan’s priorities and Tony’s lack of power and status in Hartford. He no longer has a Republican governor to turn to for help.”

As the chairwoman of the Ashford Democratic Town Committee, Eastwood said she has long-standing ties to many of the statewide officials and elected members of the house and senate in Hartford.

Eastwood said she has witnessed "an outpouring of support to run again.”

“I want the people of this district to know that I am ready to take on the challenge and will be a strong advocate for our towns, schools, local businesses and farms, as well as a cleaner and safer environment," she said.

Eastwood said she plans to take the coming weeks to reacquaint herself with her supporters before making her official campaign announcement.

“I look forward to the conversation on how we can do better for the 13 Eastern Connecticut towns of the 35th district," she said. "We have missed so many opportunities in the Senate to help people. I look forward to building support for these and other new solutions.”

Eastwood lives in Ashford with her husband, Tony, and their two children, Aidan (21), and Emma (18).

The 35th District towns are Ashford, Chaplin, Coventry, Eastford, Ellington, Hampton, Pomfret, Stafford, Tolland, Vernon, Union, Willington, and Woodstock.

Tom May 28, 2012 at 03:02 AM
First Bill before you claim that Liberal/Progressives are not Socialist i would suggest you take some time and educate yourself to what socialism actually is all about.I For the life of me have never heard reference to a"classical socialist" and your so called European Socialist not sure what you mean by that other than a misnomer for a variety of distinct Socialist parties and philosophys that are practiced and supported throughout Europe. The difference is that they are not like many in this country who are unwilling or unable to recognize were they fit within the political spectrum. Again as stated previously there is nothing unpatriotic about being a socialist most who i have known in my travels with very few exceptions are American Patriots to the core.I'm not the one who raised the term within the context of being a slur. Regarding Ms. Eastman this state cannot afford n another intrusive Socialist Progressive with eyes on my my bank account to syphon off another $500.00 under the guise of reducing the defecit. I bet she will look to protect family farms but i seriously doubt she will be advocating for reducing the nos 1 reason why family farms in Ct are becoming extinct federal and state regulations closely followde by excessive taxation.
Mark Kalina May 28, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Susan Eastwood Point by Point- “What folks don’t know is that Guglielmo does very little to represent his constituents in Hartford," Tony is very responsive to his constituents- He and his staff exhibit the finest customer service and care for those who need his help and was very pleased with the result when I needed an issue resolved by him and his staff. “Tony’s lack of power and status in Hartford.” Attributable to the fact the Democrats control the Senate, House and Governor. They need no one else. If anything there needs to be more Republican minority balance for the good of the state to stop one party rule. Otherwise, the constituents of the few seats held by non Democrats are not getting their voice heard in Hartford due to the way the governor et al are generally ignoring the Republican with their super majorities. “This year he voted no on education reform and repeal of the death penalty," The education reform the governor was offering is nothing to be proud of. It is merely a power grab by the governor and legislature to remove home rule of the local schools.
Mark Kalina May 28, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Continued- We need the death penalty and it needs more teeth to act as at least a tool of prosecutors to get long prison terms for those who commit heinous crimes such as occurred in Cheshire. I feel the death penalty is a deterrent- because if imposed that person will not be able to kill another. "He voted no on Sustinet” Really? Susan wants that? A break the bank and budget boondoggle. We have federal mandates coming and you want to add this extra layer too? “He voted no paid sick leave” Not good for small struggling business’ Maybe once they get established and have a chance to grow they will add benefits to gain more experienced employees. The market place has a way of creating opportunities. Let’s not legislate those opportunities away.
Mark Kalina May 28, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Continued- “he consistently votes against the budget” Someone should- the state budget is bloated and needs to be pared down. Witness the ill advised New Britain to Hartford bus way. $600,000,000 for nine miles. If it were part of an integrated system and maybe $60,000,000 instead… Further I doubt they will get 16,000 riders/day. By the way that is actually only 8,000 unique riders back and forth. That is $75,000/rider to build. They’ll never recover the cost. If you want to be green, buy 8,000 efficient Prius cars for those folks and save hundreds of millions of dollars we don’t have…. “It’s not enough to vote no. In these tough times we need a strong advocate who listens and has the energy and drive to fight for us.” As I previously mentioned, the Democrats are allowing the Republicans do little other than vote no. If the Democrats would work constructively with the Republicans the results may be better. Don’t exclude the Republicans and then blame them that you don’t like that they vote no. I’m not sure the State of Connecticut can afford another free spending Senator such as Susan Eastwood… I know I can't....
meowkats4 May 28, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Thank your Mark, your points are appreciated. I cross my fingers that more people feel like you and I do on the issues here in Connecticut! I only hope more Connecticut Tax payers and voters will see what we see.


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