Commission Removes Cease and Correct Order From South Frontage Open Space Land

Measures have been taken to protect the parcel, officials said.

The Inland Wetlands Commission on Tuesday pulled a cease and correct order for an open space parcel on South Frontage Road after its ownership group assured members it was taking aggressive measures to keep any sensitive land safe.

The parcel sits at 60 South Frontage Rd. and is owned by TicketNewtork Forest LLC. It is private land and can be used only by permission. IWC agent Craig Perry had issued the order after determining there was significant activity on the property to have it corrected.

The lawyer for for forest group, former mayor Jason McCoy, said that anyone who has permission to be on the land is participating in legal activities.

The landowners did, however, install a large, heavy gate at the property's  entrance to keep out unauthorized users. McCoy said any threats to the wetlands could have been from trespassers and signs have been put up warning any potential poachers that is is private land.

Town Attorney Harold "Hal" Cummings said he interviewed several authorized users and determined that trespassers had to be responsible for any encroachment on the wetlands.

Cummings said reports of a large four-wheel-drive truck pointed to the land being accessed from a different entrance than 60 Frontage Rd.

"I interviewed three young men who have permission to use the land and I found no violation," Cummings said.

Cummings said a system is being put into place where possible violations can be reported to town officials or the police.

McCoy said he was happy with the outcome.

"I am satisfied the commission voted to toss the order, and I thank the commission for its consideration," he said.

McCoy said additional warning signs will be placed on the property.


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