Vernon School Board Mulling an 8.58 percent Budget Increase

The next meeting is in tap for Wednesday.

When the Board of Education convenes again on Wednesday to discuss the proposed school system budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year, it will be facing $52.3 million on the table and an 8.58 percent increase over this year's $48.1 million spending plan.

Here's how the scenario has played out so far:

The bottom-line on the 2012-13 budget is $48,180,997. Superintendent of Schools Mary Conway presented a $51,885,043 budget plan on Jan 9. That represents a 7.69 percent increase, or $3,704,046.

Conway's budget proposed that all-day kindergarten be implemented at just two elementary schools and phased in at the remaining three over the two succeeding budget cycles.

The school board asked Conway to extend that to all school along with an extended day for all students who want the extra time.

She delivered the cost estimates for a meeting last Wednesday and it increased the bottom line to $55,719,865, an increase of $7,538,868, or 15.65 percent.

The board then made a motion to reduce that number by $3.4 million, leaving the bottom line at $52,315,885, an increase of $4,134,888 over this year's budget or 8.58 percent.

Regarding the increase, the concentration was left to all-day kindergarten in all five elementary schools.

Wednesday's budget meeting is slated for 6 to 8 p.m. at the school administration building. A public comment session will take place at the beginning of the meeting.


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