Vernon Police Warning Motorists About School Bus Stop Sign Violations

The department has received several complaints about drivers passing buses while they are loading or unloading.

Vernon police have received numerous calls of late regarding motorists not obeying school bus stop signs.

Here is a news release issued by the police and school officials regarding the rules for school buses:

"The Vernon Police Department and the Vernon Board of Education would like to remind the public that it is illegal to pass a standing school bus while the flashing lights are on. A recent increase in violations has been reported. The Vernon Police Department will investigate all complaints and issue infractions as necessary. 

"The fine for violating CT Statute 14-279, Passing a Standing School Bus, is $465. Second and subsequent violations result in a misdemeanor summons to court.

"It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus with the red/amber lights flashing on a public highway, private road, parking area, and school property. This includes stopping on a four-lane road (such as Talcottville Road / RT83) even if traveling in the opposite direction as the bus, unless a raised median barrier exists. Drivers are also prohibited from turning at an intersection in the direction of a school bus that is receiving or discharging passengers. Drivers must stop no nearer than 10 feet from the front or 10 feet from the rear of the bus in response to the flashing red/amber lights.

"Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Let's keep our children safe! 

"Please call Sgt. Kerry Reynolds at (860) 872-9126 with any questions."

my bootstraps. February 16, 2013 at 01:03 PM
oops! I thought it was okay to pass until that red stop sign went up... so as soon as the flashing lights start, we have to stop? I always thought the lights flashed to warn drivers to get past before the SIGN went up and that the STOP SIGN meant stop. All these tiny magnet school busses are clogging up our roads and messing up our school budget. I say, make parents drive their kids to school themselves if they are going outside the district. I'm sick of seeing mini-busses with one or two kids on it, driving to god-knows-where, while the parents of these kids can't seem to make it out of their pjs to see them off on their hour-long busride to get free breakfast and lunch at their out-of-town "superior" schools. Too many buses! It was not always this way.
R Lloyd February 19, 2013 at 05:55 PM
I have never heard or read a stupidor comment do you have any common sense
Nate February 19, 2013 at 10:25 PM
I wouldn't throw that word "stupid" around if it isn't spelled correctly...
Nate February 19, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Also, I've noticed a lot of buses dropping individual children off one house at a time. Is this new, or is only for certain locations?


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