Report: Police Say DNA Results Helped Nab Robber of Vernon Bank

A report based on court records reveals details of alleged brutality by the man accused of robbing a Vernon bank in June 2013.

DNA tests help prove that a 22-year-old South Windsor man rob $74,000 from the People's United Bank at the Tri-City Plaza last October, according to a Hartford Courant report based on the warrant police obtained to arrest him.

As Vernon Patch reported at the time, the robber approached an employee in the parking lot, entered the bank with her and claimed to have a bomb. He tied up one of the bank employees before leaving.

According to the Courant's recounting of the arrest warrant, Dionige Nasiadka assaulted the employee — the bank manager, after he encountered her in the parking lot at about 7:10 a.m. At one point, according to the report, he covered her mouth and nose until she stopped struggling and agreed to let him in the bank, and when it was over, he stole an employees car to get away.

Vernon police detectives suspected Nasaidka but apparently didn't think they had enough evidence against him until they compared DNA samples gathered from the crime scene with Nasaidka's, the Courant reported. To get Nasaidka's DNA, they watched him leave work and found a cigarette butt he'd tossed away.

Read the Hartford Courant's article for more on the story.

Bert Marchael July 09, 2014 at 06:48 AM
I wonder if he is an illegal, I mean undocumented person living here. I also wonder if he was collecting welfare instead looking for legal employment.


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