Pickup Careens Down Steep Embankment on West Street in Vernon

Vernon police, firefighters respond to the crash - and the driver seems OK.

A small pickup truck crashed down a steep embankment on West Street on Wednesday night, forcing police and firefighters to close the road for some time.

The initial call came in at about 9:30 p.m. The truck, a green Chevrolet, was down the incline on the west side of the street near the intersection with South Street. Firefighters and Police rushed to the scene.

The truck was about 30 feet down the incline, which had the steepness of a black diamond ski trail.

The driver, a male, was walking around the scene and was taken to Hartford Hospital for precautionary reasons, a fire official at the scene said.

Officials did not identify the driver and the crash is under investigation.

The car was hauled off the hill at about 9:30 and the road was still closed for sometime afterward.


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