Not Much Salt With That Pepper Spray

A red light violation gives a state marshal a green light to the lockup.

Here is a look at someone remarkable police cases in the state this week.

The case: In Southington, a man's draw wasn't so hot.

The OMG-PD twist: The 43-year-old man was charged with three counts of criminal attempt to assault police after officers said he attempted to use pepper spray on them during a response to a neighbor dispute over the weekend.

• • •

The case: Two women from New Haven have been arrested for shoplifting at a Hamden Kohl's.

The OMG-PD twist: Police said they of their young children. The two women had with them children ages 6, 12 and 13, police said They allegedly had the six-year-old carry out a handbag full of stolen items, as well as wear stolen sneakers. In addition, the 12-year-old was carrying a duffel bag full of stolen merchandise, Smith said.

• • •

The case: Westport Police aided the New Canaan Police Department in tracking down the culprit in a leaf blower larceny.

The OMG-PD twist: The , which was reported missing following a pick-up of items donated to a charity, was located when Westport police stopped a car in the course of another investigation. The leaf blower was reportedly found in the car, still sporting a tag with the owner's name and address.

• • •

The case: A Greenwich woman was arrested for allegedly driving her car through the garage door of a Doubling Road residence late Monday.

The OMG-PD twist: The 54-year-old woman was arrested after police found a woman standing on the front steps of a local home "screaming at the front door." Officers saw a car with pieces of wood of the car.
• • •

The case: A state marshal ran a red light in Norwalk.

The OMG-PD twist: The marshal was arrested for after he allegedly had 137 ounces of marijuana in his trunk and nine smoking pipes. In addition, he had more than $500 in cash and packaging materials, police said.


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