Bullet Found in Hazardville Memorial School Hallway

"At no time was anyone in danger," according to Enfield school superintendent.

Enfield police converged on Hazardville Memorial School just before dismissal Tuesday afternoon, after a custodian found a live bullet in a hallway.

The live .22 caliber round was discovered near rooms 11 and 12 shortly before 3 p.m., according to a recorded message from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeffrey Schumann, which was delivered to parents via the town's School Messenger notification system.

The bullet was brought to the principal's office, and police arrived within four minutes, Schumann said.

Staff members searched all students' backpacks, but no weapons were found or reported. "At no time was anyone in danger," Schumann said.

Police were present for dismissal, and will increase their presence at the school Wednesday, Lt. Willie Pedemonti said.

Dinny January 24, 2013 at 08:04 PM
I Have a Kindergarden that attends this school and I am happy with the response that was made. I realize that after Newtown we need to be more vigilant in educating our children on reconizing danger and steps to protect themselves. Just like in the 1980's when I was growing up in Brooklyn CT and Micheal Ross was traveling around the state killing people. My parents taught me to reconize danger and be aware of my surroundings. That is the best lesson for our children, We are not going to be with them every minute of everyday. Trust that you have taught them to love and be kind to all people, That they can sense danager and take actions to protect themsleves in the event that something bad happens. Teaching fear is not the answer. As a Parent I am also scared for my children and the world they are growing up in .
godblesstheUSA January 28, 2013 at 07:40 PM
@Pat - maybe if things were clarified to the "civilians" who wouldn’t normally know theses things, they wouldn’t have to hear your "know-it-all sarcasm" as a former officer of Enfield. It has become monotonous. It's one thing to clarify how something works and it all togetrher rude to add "do some research"...etc.(which is usually what type of comment you end your statemens with) All these parents want to do is love and protect their children so when left in the dark it is a bit frightening. I think the community just wants our children to be safe and last itme I checked, Enfield's schools and town as a whole has been spotlight in the news far too much these days.There can never be too much caution when it comes to our familiy & children. I say "Thank you" to all the concerned parents who blog on here. I think its a great tool to stay connected.
Pat Droney January 29, 2013 at 02:26 AM
@dsangeliz. My comment about "doing research" was for the person who feels that Enfield PD is over staffed and that officers are paid by the town for traffic details. I think that prior to posting inflammatory comments about someone or something, you should do your homework. That was my point. Sorry you took it personally it certainly wasn't intended as such.
Tig January 29, 2013 at 04:31 AM
It was only a 22 bullet. Sometimes bullets fall out of my pockets after I go to the shooting range. One just fell out at my work last week, do you think we had a lockdown? Hell no. I can't believe all of the women calling for a lockdown. They think a lockdown is like a vaccine or something. Like its going to solve something. It won't fix fear that's for sure. The left wing liberal media has got you people afraid of your own shadow. Fear runs rampant when people don't know how to think clearly. The biggest problem with guns is people's lack of knowledge about them.
kathy marine January 29, 2013 at 02:02 PM
well u shouldn't be having bullets in a pocket after leaving a shooting range. sorry if these parents are concerned about their kids safety.


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