Ackert Sits In On Environmental Meeting

The meeting took place at the Belding Wildlife Management Area.

State Rep. Timothy Ackert meets with environmentalists in Vernon. Photo Credit: House Republicans
State Rep. Timothy Ackert meets with environmentalists in Vernon. Photo Credit: House Republicans

State Rep. Timothy Ackert met recently with several members of the local conservation community at the Belding Wildlife Management Area in Vernon.

The goal was "to have a discussion on open space conservation and the potential threats to the preservation of the area’s natural resources," Ackert said.

Among the attendees was Ann Letendre, the chairwoman of the Open Space Task Force. The task force was organized in 1998 as a subcommittee of the Vernon Conservation Commission.

Local wildlife management officials and environmentalists were also present.

Letendre provided Rep. Ackert with a detailed layout of the preserved space throughout Vernon and the surrounding towns and the environmentalists discussed the issues facing the preservation of open space and ways to protect water and other natural resources from local commercial development and pollution, Ackert said.

Following the discussion, Ackert joined the conservationists for a hike to the Tankerhoosen Watershed, considered one of Connecticut’s largest open space areas.

"This meeting was certainly very informative," Ackert said. "We had the opportunity to discuss the makeup of our beautiful land, but also we had a chance to dive into the potential dangers that are threatening the health of our open space and what we can do to prevent them from occurring. As a legislator, it’s vital for me to regularly meet with the people who are working every day to help protect our natural resources so I can stay updated on their efforts and continue to support their cause by strengthening their voice in Hartford."

Ackert added, "We are lucky to have such beautiful wildlife areas throughout state and our community. It’s important that we all do what we can to defend our environment and our limited natural resources, especially our water."

Ackert can be reached by email - Tim.Ackert@housegop.ct.gov - or by calling 860-240-8700.


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