VYBO Addresses Prep Team

An open letter to parents.

Dear Parents via Vernon Patch,

I am writing this letter on behalf of recent efforts of the Vernon Youth Baseball Organization. 

As many of you may know, it is the goal of VYBO to provide opportunity and options for players aged 13 to 17 in the town of Vernon to play the great game of baseball.

In recent years, our objective has been to field teams at different competitive levels including a community based Babe Ruth program (emphasis on building teamwork and enjoyment while building on player’s existing skillset) and competitive travel teams in cooperation/participation with the Jaycee Baseball League of Greater Hartford (aka: Jaycee-TDBank) one of the largest independent baseball programs in the United States. It is our objective to field teams at each of their respective levels: Prep (13 year old), Junior (14 to 15) as well as Senior (16 to 19).  We have also been proactive, in conjunction with the local Post 14 American Legion Program, assisting in fielding a Jr. American Legion (17-u) team.

While it is not our policy to address rumor or innuendo, it has come to our board's attention via concerned members/affiliates that efforts to field, in particular, the Jaycee-TDBank Prep (13) team have come under scrutiny. 

This letter is to address any claims that VYBO has no interest or desire to field a team in this age bracket. VYBO’s Board of Directors wants to express its desire to field and maintain ANY AND ALL of the teams that we support. 

In particular, we believe that to field the Prep team provides a great opportunity/experience for those players as they learn to transition from the Little League field. 

As you may have seen we have advertised/promoted all of our teams in a fair and equitable manner. It has been our hope that we would have interest in the Prep team and, until recently had been assured by those closely involved in board discussions that there was a commitment of a minimum of 15 players that were interested in trying out for our VYBO Prep team. We were hopeful to see these numbers come to fruition during our ongoing registration events. 

Unfortunately, those that were asserting that commitment have since resigned their membership from our organization and have not provided any further responses to questions raised.

I ask each of you reading this to consider that VYBO hopes to support that Prep team (as well as the other levels of baseball in town) in a manner that allows you, as the parent/guardian of those players involved, to see that the services we provide in a manner as reasonable and unbiased as possible. Examples of recent practices:

• We open our managerial positions to applications and board review and make every effort to provide the best coaching available.

• We involve the Player Agent in all tryouts to make sure that there is no unfair advantage to any one player or coach. 

It is also our goal to provide players access to play in the age appropriate league where they will get the most benefit and, most importantly, their greatest opportunity to succeed. This particular practice requires that the managers of travel teams with overlapping age ranges work together to make sure that players have the advantage of the greatest possible playing time. We make every possible effort to field teams in a transparently fair process so that you can expect the most of our volunteer organization.

Due to the community splitting potential of such misunderstandings or ill-founded claims, it is my hope to clarify and confirm that VYBO has every intention to field the Prep travel team. As long as we have registrations enough to support this as well as any of our teams you have our commitment that we will field each and every one of them to the best of our abilities.

I ask any of you that may have questions/concerns to contact me directly at 860-872-0455 or feel free to attend our Board Meetings which are open to the public.

Thank you for your time.


Dave Glidden
Vernon Youth Baseball Organization

Scott February 11, 2012 at 05:06 PM
When exactly was the last time there was a 13yr prep team??? In years past, I have knowledge of many family's who knew of more than enough kids to field a team,only to be told that there" wasn't enough interest". Maybe the, "Our first priority is Babe Ruth", approach could have something to do with it!! Seems like a travel team should be first priority,as it is for every other sport.I am of the opinion, that this would greatly benefit our Middle School and High School teams.Babe Ruth
Nightguy33 February 11, 2012 at 10:54 PM
If one has not attended a VYBO board meeting in the past few years; or ever, I find it hard to believe that anyone would wish to comment on this situation. Second hand news and innuendo are dangerous things. Especially when dealing with prima donna parents whose each and every child is major league caliber already. Or when dealing with people who flaut rules or pout when things do not go exactly as wished. Did you know the meetings are open to the public? To denigrate all of the board members, a whole organization with such broad strokes shows only ignorance. There are people who serve that organization that. I longer have kids involved. As far as I know the only agenda for the VYBO is to try and serve ALL the kids fairly. They need your help to do this though. Where are all of the volunteers to help coach or manage when the time is needed? Where are the volunteers who do their jobs for the good of all the kids and not just to push junior along your selected path? Where are all these little league coaches who would so dearly love to help when the time is needed? In my experience most true pleas for cooperation fall on deaf ears. It's impossible to field any team if there are no coaches stepping forward. If you are truly interested in helping the kids and not just serve your own selfish desires then step forward to help. Cut those puppet strings and stand on your own. Quit listening to those whispers in your ear and find out the facts for yourself.
Patrick breslin February 12, 2012 at 03:03 AM
I'm a 15 year old playing my last year in baberuth. I have been very pleased with baberuth through my years playing. I like it a lot better than I did little league because it is a lot more fair in many ways and I'm sure many other kids would agree. The solution seems simple to me, if there has not been a 13 year old prep team in a long time then why do we need one now. Many kids including my self never had that option and we adjusted to the big field just fine, we just want to have fun. I say field as many babe Ruth teams as possible and if it comes to a point were there is a surplus of players then you can think about a prep team for the kids who really care to be on it. Any parent can have there kid put on a travel team but it doesn't mean there any better than a kid playing for the town. It's all in there heads. In stead of disguising there names on this site and arguing the adults need to look at the simple solution. We just want to play ball. Adults always tell us kids to play nice but we all get along and there the ones arguing, this is all for us. I believe I can Speek for all kids when I say, adults, PLAY NICE!
Chris Dehnel February 12, 2012 at 02:33 PM
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Chris Dehnel February 13, 2012 at 04:04 AM
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