Democrat Blasts Mayor's Move on Charter Revision Candidates

He said the minority is "uncomrfortable" with the process.

To the Editor:

The Vernon Democrats proposed bi-partisan support for Charter revision. We strongly feel that our input in naming the committee and establishing an extended time line would best serve our town in this important undertaking.

At last night's meeting that proposal was made. This morning (6/6/12) at 9:58 a.m., an e-mail was sent to the mayor and all Town Council members regarding our offer to work together. At 11:06 this morning (6/6/12), we received the Mayor's memo (which was also released to the press) naming all five members of the commission. He obviously opted to ignore our request for bi-partisanship and chose his own course of action.

We do not feel that this is in the best interest of the town nor to gaining support of the citizens (who will ultimately decide on the proposed charter's fate) by disregarding our request.

Although Mayor Apel is recommending two Democrats, two Republicans and one unaffiliated candidate, we feel that this has turned into a one-man show.

In no way do we question the credentials of the individuals but we are uncomfortable with them. Attorney Famiglietti is known only to a few of us. Ms. Shea is completely unknown to us. (We have requested, but have not yet received, a copy of her resume). Mr. Shorts has been a Republican appointee to the Human Services Committee for many years. Ms. Vale is a member of the Vernon Republican Town Committee and was instrumental in Mayor Apel's election campaign committee.

Again, we are not questioning their credentials, but feel the non-partisanship statements regarding this committee is strictly a facade and a myth.

Mayor Apel, in his campaign, stated that he wished to work together for a better Vernon yet when the first major test of that campaign pledge came to pass, he spurned our offer to work together toward for a new and progressive Charter for Vernon.

Clearly, his campaign pledge of cooperation meant nothing.

Thomas DiDio
Vernon Town Council


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