All it Takes is One...

A simple solution for stopping bullying dead in it’s tracks - stand up!

In the final scene of ABC Family channel’s movie “,” they showed a simple solution for stopping bullying dead in it’s tracks.

Stand up!

Studies show that in situations where someone is being bullied, all it takes is for one person to stand up and speak out against it. Interestingly enough, when one person finds their voice, others find theirs too.

Now this one person does need to be someone outside the bullying incident. For example, not the person being bullied, but that seems to be the only criteria for this solution to work. All it takes is one person that is sickened by what they are seeing, one person that can’t stand to watch another human being mistreated, one person with the guts to stand up and do something when someone is being abused.

This is the way it’s been all throughout history as well. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Staton, Oskar Schindler and the list goes on and on. These are people who stood up when the odds were against them and spoke out. And we know how those stories turned out.

I’m proud to say that this is what we do in the martial arts. We create ambassadors (we call them Black Belts) and send them out into the world to be catalysts of change. Taught to be that 1 in 100,000 that will stand up and speak out against injustices.

It’s kind of sad, unfortunately, that most people think all we do is teach people to fight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, you can’t blame them. From what people see in movies, magazines and cage fighting (also known as Mixed Martial Arts), it’s no wonder they get the wrong impression of what we do.

What do we do? We help people find their inner strengths, overcome fears, and develop more effective ways of dealing with life in general. We work with people to be agents of change. People to be the first to stand up and say, “That’s not right!” so that others can find their voices too.  

So who’s with me?  After all, all it takes is one...


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