Driving Your Career: Saving Face at the Holiday Party

How to have your egg nog and drink it, too....at your company party.

Don’t be “that guy” at your company party this year.

Seriously.  You know who I’m talking about.  The lush that was passed out by her desk the next morning with a bottle of Dubra next to her.  Or the guy who thought a little “toosh slapping” under the Mistletoe would help him get a raise.  (We’re talking about salary, here.  Get your mind out of the egg nog.)

Our crews at Carter Chevrolet and Mazda of Manchester are keeping things, well – tame.  We’re having a holiday luncheon in our showrooms on December 17 and 18 from 12pm-2pm.  We’ll all bring food to share with each other and our customers.  It’s friendly.  It’s festive.  And it’s safe.

Unlike other holiday parties I’ve attended (witnessed).

One of my favorites was when I worked for NBC.  Think: a peacock made of Jelloshots.  No joke.

In the restaurant industry, I was privileged (horrified) to see some downright EPIC holiday parties.  So today, I bring you….


  1. Arrive too early.  One of two things will come out of this.  People will look at you as being a brown-noser.  Or they’ll assume you are desperate for free alcohol.  There’s no winning by arriving early.
  2. Leave too late.  There’s an art to this.  Leave too early, and you’ve missed the big announcement by the boss about how the fiscal cliff means you’re moving to China.  Leave too late, and you risk overstaying your welcome and looking like you have no life.
  3. Dress like a…  Everybody likes eye candy.  That’s why we have magazines. And beaches.  And pictures of Jennifer Lopez framed on our desk.  (I’m not talking about myself here.  Not at all.)   So for the love of God, hide those puppies.  Because nobody wants a fa la la la lawsuit.
  4. Seduce your co-workers.  Yup.  We’re back at that sexual harassment thing.  In the movies, co-workers fall in love over apple pie moonshine and end up walking down the aisle.  In real life, when people sober up…they’re walking down the unemployment line instead. 
  5. Overindulge.  Have a cocktail or two.  It’s fine: it’s the holidays and your boss is sipping a $400 Borolo anyway.  But you walking around swigging out of a bottle of Jager is usually not going to result in the fast track to a promotion. 
  6. Complain about the food.  Before you start yelling about how the guy who cooked the food is a real son of a …. remember, he may just be a son of a BOSS.
  7. Confessions.  Remember that TPS Conference you claimed you actually drove to?  Now is NOT the time to tell people you were actually sipping Corona’s in a hot tub after sneaking out early.
  8. Facebook.  OK, some shenanigans will happen at these parties from time to time.  But do NOT post pictures of them on social media.  And definitely do not “tag” your co-worker after “checking in” at the Marriot next door.
  9. Bring the wrong date.  They WILL converse with your boss.  And your co-workers.  Do you really want them talking about your frat parties in college?  Didn’t think so.
  10. Drive Drunk. All joking aside, our teams at Carter Chevrolet and Mazda of Manchester want everyone to have a safe and fun holiday season.  But please, please, PLEASE bring a designated driver or take a cab.  Forget the fact that DUI’s will cost you tens of thousands of dollars and potentially your job – but they could also cost lives.  Have fun this holiday season, but do it safely.

Kyle S. Reyes is Director of Marketing for Carter Chevrolet and Mazda of Manchester.

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