Vernon Real Estate Transactions, Week of Oct. 1, 2012

A commercial property on Talcottville Road changes hands.

Here are the latest property transfers recorded in the town clerk's office:

• Sold, byMichel Belchak, popery at 86 Range Hill Dr., to Shannon Smith, $151,000, recorded Oct. 4.

• Sold, by the estate of Shawn O'Flinn, property at 15 East St, to Robery Young, $81,395, recorded Oct. 4.

• Sold, by Gerry Blardo, property at 40 Burke Rd., to James and Shannon Toccalino, $136,000, recorded Oct. 4.

• Sold, by Timothy Merlino, property at 6 Vernon Center Heights, to "6 Vernon Center Heights," $163,850, recorded Oct. 3.

• Sold, by Barbara Oankosky, property at 60 Old Town Rd., unit 87, to Marion Reutter, $105,000, recorded Oct. 3.

• Sold, by Keith Ransom, property at 58 Grand Ave., to Krysta Ransom, $195,000, recorded Oct. 2.

• Sold, by Kathy Atborne, property at 80 Rainbow Trail, to Christopher Jones, $215,000, recorded Oct. 2.

• Sold, by George Morrison, property at 46Park St., to Robery and Audrey Quimby, $256,000, recorded Oct. 1.

• Sold, by William Nikitas, property at 36-39 Tankerhoosen Rd., to Karen McDaniel, $236,000, recorded Oct. 1.

• Sold, by Arthur St.Louis, property at 18 Old Town Rd., to Brian Labella, $212,000, recorded Oct. 1.

• Sold, by Warren Bradway, property at 38 Frederick Rd., to Phaythoune and Ana Panyanouvong, $203,000, recorded Oct. 1.

• Granted, an easement, by 327 Talcotville LLC for 327 and 333 Talcottville Rd., to Cumberland Farms Inc., recorded Oct. 1.

• Sold by 333 Talcotville LLC, property at 333 Talcottville Rd., to Cumberland Farms Inc., $625,000, recorded Oct. 1.

• Granted, a right of way,  by 333 Talcotville LLC, for property at 333 Talcottville Rd., to Cumberland Farms Inc., recorded Oct. 1.

Danno October 09, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Interesting!! Looks like Vernon is going to get a NEW Cumberland Farms if they have moved on purchase of the property and right of way. This will be a good addition to the area. For those who don't know where, this new store will be near the entrance to the Mansions at Hockanum Crossing, Julianos Pools, and across the street from Spare Time Bowling Alley. This will mean that Cumberland Farms will likely close the "Thortons" location when the other is completed.


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