The Latest Vernon Property Transfers

A commercial building on Mountain Street has been sold.

Here are the latest property transfers recorded in the town clerk's office.

• Sold, by Donald Hayward, property at 17 Jan Dr., to Patricia Cowperthwaite and Andrew Gileo, $150,000, recorded Nov. 29.

• Sold, by Stephen Tong, property at 301 Tallwood Dr., to Dirk Buffo, $332,000, recorded Nov. 28.

• Sold, by Daniel Morin, property at 70 Old Town Rd, Unit 337, to Janine LeDonne, $167,000, recorded Nov. 27.

• Sold, by Donna Battistone, property at 325 Kelly Rd., R7, to Jean Angelo, $52,900, recorded Nov. 27.

• Sold, by Michael Pawlowski, property at 21 Pearl Dr., to Carl and Jocelyn Schneider, $209,000, recorded Nov. 27.

• Sold, by Douglas Gravelle, property at 83 Berkeley Dr., to Thomas Gravelle, $140,914.51, recorded Nov. 27.

• Sold, by Correia & Son Builders and Developers Ic., property at 6 Correia Way, to Ryszard and Janina Pryputniewicz, $369,883, recorded Nov. 26.

• Sold, by Stanley Domian, property at 10 Quarry Dr., to Santosh Bhuattacharga, $216,000, recorded Nov. 21.

• Sold, by the Estate of Edward Murawski, property at 22 Overbrook Dr., to Phillip Murawski, $140,000, recorded Nov. 21.

• Sold, by David Jakubowski, property at 48 Scott Dr., to Rebecca Stanger, $150,000, recorded Nov. 21.

• Sold, by L&B Realty LLC, property at 20 Mountain  St., to Ramic LLC$107,500., recorded Nov. 20.

• Sold, by J.H. ScelzaInc., property at 68 Bridlewood Lane, to Christopher D'Amico, $279,900, recorded Nov. 20.

• Sold, by the Gordon and Jean Mead Revocable Trust, property at 61 Grier Rd., to David and Rose Hiskes, $465,000, recorded Nov. 19.


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