The Latest Vernon Property Transfers

Transfers through Jan. 3, 2013.

Here are the latest property transfers recorded in the Vernon town clerk's office.

• Sold, by Denise Johansen, property at 192 Lake St., to Amanda Johansen, $180,000, recorded Jan. 3.

• Sold, by John Visoskis, property at 89 Brimwood Dr., to Peter Sandone and Carrie Harmon, $224,000, recorded Dec. 31.

• Sold by Alan and Ronald Jones, trustees, property at 47 Crest Dr., to Robert Quesnette and Lisa Thibodeau, $248,000, recorded Dec. 31.

• Sold, by Ted DeSantos, property at 14 Dow St., to Micloalta Bogart, $187,500, recorded Dec. 31.

• Sold, by Sara McAuley, property at 60 Old Town Rd., unit 28, to Alison Ames, $133,750, recorded Dec. 31.

• Sold, by Richard F. Olmstead, property at 26 Campbell Ave., to Holly Ann and Richard C. Olmstead, $139,000, recorded Dec. 31.

• Sold, by Lawrence Nicewicz, property at 107 Overbrook Dr., to Shu Chuan Lu, $172,000, recorded 12/31.

• Sold, by Sharlene Altier, property at 564 Hartford Turnpike, to Norman Gallant, $102,500, recorded recorded Dec. 31.

• Sold, by U.S. Bank Assoc., property at 102-104 Talcott Ave., to John Marsh, $90,299, recorded Dec. 31.

• Sold, by Paula Fiano, property at 4 Miriam Dr., to Timothy Boor, $93,333, recorded Dec. 31.

• Sold by Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, property at 4 Grove St., to Moore Investments LLC, $100,000, recorded Dec. 27.

• Sold, by Marc Betancourt, property at 77 Riverside Dr., to Carol Metselaac, $170,000, recorded Dec. 27.

• Sold, by the Estate of Diane Courchesne, property at 38 Foster Dr., to Mary Varley, $107,000, recorded Dec. 27.

• Sold, by HSBC Bank USA National Assoc., property at 5-7 Talcott Ave., to Jose DeJesus, $62,000, recorded Dec. 26.

• Sold, by Lee Gondarowski, property at 5, 7 and 9 Fern St., to David Smith, $600,000, recorded Dec. 24.

• Sold, by Flipside 3 Investments LLC, property at 21 Bancroft Rd., to David Black and Tara Prindle, $137,500, recorded Dec. 24.

• Sold, by Donald Berger, property at 20-22 Grove St., to Steven Pappas and Tony Jourley, $35,500, recorded Dec. 21.

• Sold, by Richard Madden and Cynthia Madden, property at 34 Danny Trail, to Ian Broome and Anselma Yarde, $283,000, recorded Dec. 20.

• Sold, by Susan Houde, property at 13 Oakview Place, unit 56, to Claudette Petraglia, $220,000, recorded Dec. 20.

• Sold, by  Claudette Petraglia, property at 25 Trout Stream Dr., to Russell Ringo, $250,000, recorded Dec. 20.

• Sold, by Jane Forstell, property at 97 Cemetery Rd., to Scott Hollister, $245,000, recorded Dec. 18.

• Sold, by James Wilcox, property at 135 Rainbow Trail, to Matthew Kopcza, $254,900, recorded Dec. 17.

• Sold, by J.H. Scelza Inc., property at 70 Bridlewod Lane, unit 22A, to Claude Mercier and Pascale Bergeron, $278,900, recorded Dec. 17.

Danno January 08, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Nice to see another Unit sell at Bridlewood Town Homes!


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