The Top 10 Stories of 2012: No. 2 - Sandy

She was an unwelcome guest.

Through Dec. 31, Vernon Patch is counting down 10 stories that made a difference the the town, to our way of life.

Some of the news was good, some was bad and some was even ugly. 

Here's No. 2 - Hurricane Sandy.

Yeah, this one's on the bad list and makes the No. 2 slot for the sheer coincidence of it. 

Weather Service: Hurricane Sandy will hit the regional a year to the day from the massive snowstorm that wreaked havoc in the Northeast.

Us: Really?

Yes. Sandy came in, but the damage here was light compared top the carnage to the south.

We can re-live its effect on Vernon here.

Oh and the rest of the Top 10 so far:

The Top 10 so far:

No. 10 - Amerbelle

No. 9 - Reconfiguration

No. 8 - The budget

No. 7 - The eyes of Vernon were upon Texas

No. 6 - RHS principal on the hot seat

No. 5 - Community events

No. 4 - Economic development

No. 3 - RHS softball team takes Class L


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