The Top 10 Stories of 2012: No. 10 - Amerbelle

The relationship is complicated ...

Over the next ten days, Vernon Patch is counting down 10 stories that made a difference the the town, to our way of life.

Some of the news was good, some was bad and some was even ugly. 

Let's start worth No. 10 - the saga of Amerbelle.

Assign it to all three categories.

It was really the last working link to a day when Rockville was one of the cornerstones of the textile industry, but in June, the company announced it was closing - another business that just can't compete with international competition.

The town all but condemned the property two months later and set aside an account well into six figures to winterize it while options - the first being demolition - were studied. 

But wait …

In October, in the weekly property transfers, a name pooped up. A developer had acquired the rights to the property from the non-profit group that was its caretaker. 

There was new life.


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