Happy Thanksgiving, Vernon

Please tell us what you are thankful for this year.

Sure, it's almost time to eat... and eat and eat, but before the feast begins, Thanksgiving is also the season for recognizing what we're grateful for in our lives.

I am thanks to have two wonderful, healthy children, a loving husband and best friend, a supportive family and a warm house to come home to, or work from everyday.

Over the past da or so, several readers shared wonderful stories of thanks through the Vernon Patch Facebook page. Here is what they wrote:

From SuAnn Ojard:

"Family, faith, friends"

From Gizzy Wonderdoglet!:


From Kathleen Arbacheski Kondracki

Kathleen shared this link to the Make the Connection website where veterans can share stories of their experiences and receive support, according to the site.

From Monika Majewska:

"Grateful for Facebook! Can't think of a better way to stay connected!"

From Chris Hall:

"Thankful for family!"

From Sarah Yost:

"I am so greatful for my newborn son, my two 5 year olds, and my oldest son who is 15 and just made high honors at Rockville High, my wonderful husband who works so hard for his family every day. Family is the greatest gift on Earth!"

From Nancy Krupienski:

"I am thankful my ten year old son's brain tumor has remained stable for the past two years. I am thankful for all three of my boys, my husband, and our pup Trixie. I am also grateful to all of our friends who have helped us and remain our strength. Special thanks to Make a Wish, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and our friends and family at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!"

Please add your own stories of thanks throughout the day in the comment section below


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