And the Top Taxpayer in Vernon is ... The Mansions ... Again

Its assessment was well ahead of the field on the Oct. 2012 Grand List.

Just like last year, Chapman and the Mansions LLC, the parent company for The Mansions at Hockanum Crossing, is the top taxpayer in Vernon.

The property off Route 83 is in the books with an assessment of $50.6 million, well ahead of the $26.6 million assessment for Tri-City Improvements LLC, the holding company for the Tri-City Plaza shopping center at Vernon Circle.

Here is a look at the top 10 taxpayers in Vernon for the Oct. 1, 2012 Grand List:

1. Chapman and the Mansions LLC, land and apartments, total assessment $50,626,080.

2. Tri City Improvements LLC, shopping center, total assessment $26,622,490.

3, Evandro Santini & Woodbrook LLC, land and apartments, total assessment $22,644,710.

4. Connecticut Light & Power / Yankee Gas Co., utility, total assessment$17,752,830.

5. Connecticut Water Company, utility, total assessment $14,505,470.

6. CE Vernon LLC, shopping center, total assessment $13,055,000.

7. Chapman Acres LLC, apartments, $9,057,580.

8. Boston Rockville / Boston Vernon, shopping centers/land, total assessment $8,592,200.

9. Parkwest Residents Association, apartments, total assessment $4,950,190.

10. Risley Trust, commercial / residential, total assessment $3,129,020.

meowkats4 February 13, 2013 at 06:50 PM
I find it very strange that the "Top Taxpayers" in Vernon List comes out the same time the "Vernon Grand LIST" takes a SLUMP!!!


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