A Flurry of Residential Activity

Two busy weeks for real estate transactions.

Here are the latest property transfers recorded in the town clerk's office:

• Sold, by Ruth Sikoski, property at 325 Kelly Rd., No. V040, $51,000, recorded Aug. 6.

• Sold, by Daniel Huber, property at 4 Eastview Dr., to Nadine Webster, $155,000, recorded Aug. 7.

• Sol, by Trustee of Robert Hiller, property at 177 East main St., to Jade Moulton, $120,000, recorded Aug. 6.

• Sold, by Diane Trinks, property at 137 Vernon Ave., unit B1, to Craig Webb, $35,000, recorded Aug. 2.

• Sold, by Mark Leighton and James Katz, property at 610 Talcottville Rd., to Mac Gjonbalaj, $89,000, recorded Aug. 1.

• Sold, by David Lang, property at 33 Birch St., to Andrew Bak, $237,000, recorded Aug. 1.

• Sold, by Ogden Brook Developers LLC, property at 8 Carolyn Dr., to Jerry Longo, $419,609, recorded Aug. 1.

• Sold, by Patricia Sauer, property at 75 Wilson Lane, unit 1, to Robert Tucker, $150,000, recorded Aug. 1.

• Sold, by Ychanna Pimentel and Christian Rocha, property at 58 Winding Brook Trail, to Richard Linchanl, $199,000, recorded Aug. 1.

• Sold, by Duane Stimson, property at 438 Millstream Dr., to Elizabeth Hermann, $132,000, recorded Aug. 1.

• Transferred, by Hockanum Industries Inc., property at 40 Hale St., to Tri-County Arc. inc., recorded Aug. 1.

• Transferred, by Wells Fargo Bank NA, property at 137 East main St., to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, recorded July 31.

• Sold, by Stefania Peterson, property at 15 Cold Spring Drive, to Daniel Sollentino and Abbey Funke, $171,000, recorded July 31.

• Sold by Jason Bryan, conservator for Avrick Krowka, property at 6 Cold Springs Drive, to James Wishary, $161,900, recorded July 30.

• Sold, by Loretta Bolles, property at 27 Baker Rd., to Margaret Answer, $180,000, recorded July 30.

• Sold, by Douglas Post, property at 153 Tumblebrook Dr., to Jennifer Irwin, $205,000, recorded July 30.

• Sold, by Richard Clark, property at 251 Risley Rd., to Andrey Yamshchikov, $317,000, recorded July 30.


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