Connecticut Gas Prices Eight Cents Higher than Last Week

The average price of regular gas in the state is $3.981 per gallon.

The price of regular gasoline in Connecticut has risen eight cents since last week, according to Gasbuddy.com.

Connecticut drivers are paying an average of $3.981 per gallon, compared to $3.901 one week ago. The current national average is about 25 cents lower at $3.733.

According to Gasbuddy.com, the price of gas one year ago today was $3.862 in Connecticut and $3.537 nationwide.

Check out the Patch commute section to find the lowest gas prices in your area.

Emily February 25, 2013 at 12:56 PM
All the Liberal Dems in the State of Connecticut must be so happy now. We are not at European price levels yet but we are months away fromn the summer gas price hike and we are already hoovering at 4.00 dollars a gallon. Yeah Obama, Yeah Democrats. Isn't there some way we can add additional taxes to the cost of gas? There must be some-one, some-where hoarding a penny the state hasn't conficasted for its bloated coffers. How about this? Instead of creating a working budgets we just increase spending and ignore ths issues. Yeah Malloy !!!!


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