What's On Tonight: The Voice, Alcatraz, America the Wild

TV tips for Monday, March 26.

The Voice, 8 p.m., NBC

The last battle rounds. Which means the last night of Christina wearing that tiny little chapeau.

Alcatraz, 8 p.m., Fox

Back-to-back episodes tonight equal the season finale. I have to say, we ventured a little into Criminal Minds Mysogyny territory as the season progressed – lots of lady killers with mommy issues – and the whole “myth” aspect of the 63 never really gelled with me, and the ridiculousness factor was many times completely over the top (they never called for back up) but overall I enjoyed this. We’ll see if it comes back what they do with it.

America The Wild, 9 p.m., NGWild

“Casey Anderson finds himself in the den of a wild black bear in Maine; teaching a 6-week-old bear cub to walk, swim, climb, and raid a beehive.” That sounds like Fantasy Camp to me.


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