Free Movie on a Huge Inflatable Screen in a Park? I'm There

Take whatever gang you're in to see 'Toy Story 3' Friday night at Evergreen Walk.

Friday night was a perfect summer evening for escaping into some fantasy. And free isn't bad either, so we chose to go see Disney's reputed $260 million Rapunzel remake “Tangled” on a large inflatable screen in the Rockville Bank Park at Evergreen Walk.

Yes, you may have missed the first one, but this coming Friday, Aug. 19, you have a second chance. “Toy Story 3” will be showing.

So, the drill is you take your lawn chairs and set up before sundown in the park. (Some seating is provided.) You'll find plenty of parking on the L.L. Bean side of the shopping center. You can take your own snacks in, but spring for some Yukon kettle corn. A large bag is $9 and we couldn't finish it off with two adults and three boys.

The show starts about 8:30 p.m. but you may want to set up earlier. A moon bounce, face painting and other activities for the younger set start at 6:30. Of course, you could decide to grab some dinner at Johnny Rockets retro diner, Burtons Grill or Moe's Southwest Grill right there in the shopping area. Or pack a picnic or pick up a pizza and keep the free night even freer.

Disney princess films are generally “little chick” fare, but we had three boys, ages 11 and 7, with us and they were generally rapt. Rapt in 70 feet of hair, you could say. This 2010 movie is the first Disney princess film to earn a PG v. a G rating. That must be due to some of the darker forest shenanigans, especially with the brutish pub thugs, who, it turns out, have dreams that include becoming a concert pianist. You can't judge a thug by his cover.

There were plenty of laughs, due to Pascal the chameleon and Maximus, the aggressive palace steed pursuing Flynn Rider, the thief who becomes entangled with Rapunzel. Musical numbers by eight-time Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater were clever and pleasing.

But onto “Toy Story 3.” Andy's going to college. The toys are being dropped at the evil daycare. Barbie and Ken provide nuance. Buzz Lightyear is reprogrammed into Spanish mode. Rex the dinosaur goes a little nuts. And Mr. Potato Head becomes a pickle. But Buzz and Woody perform their heroics to save the day. See you there.

The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk are right off I-84, exit 62. Take the first turn off Buckland Street into the shopping area, drive down the road and turn left when you see L.L. Bean. You'll spot the are Rockville Bank Park archway. For information, visit the Evergreen Walk Web site or call 860-432-3398.


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