Where to Go Sledding in Vernon

Fresh snow and the weekend — a chance to try the area's best hills.

After last winter's nearly snow-less winter, the past week has given many local residents a chance to finally dust the cobwebs off their sleds and toboggans and check out some local hills.

Are you looking for a place to sled other than your own yard? Here's a guide to some of the favorite sledding spots in Vernon as shared by residents on the Vernon Patch Facebook page:

Henry Park

Vernon Center Middle School

Northeast School

Center Road Elementary School

Know of any other great places to go sledding in town? How about great hills in the area? Add them in the comment section below.

Dick Alley January 04, 2013 at 04:20 PM
Kids don't know what they're missing today. Back in the 1940's, I lived on Talcott Ave., which was rated as one of the best sledding hills in town. Sometimes hard to make the turn onto Orchard Street at the bottom, but in those days we had real sleds. Flexible Flyers we were able to steer. My Dad's old double-rip, tandem sled was steered with the feet. Ward Hill always banned cars after a snowstorm, just for the kids and we would enjoy several days of good sledding after every snowstorm. There was an old trail through the treesa in the woods down behind where the Post Office is now that also gave us a challenge to test our steering skills between the trees.Later on, the old Rec Field in the center of town was the spot to be. Today, sledding is a different games with tubes and plastics and sledding spots must also be in safer spots. - Dick Alley
Leslie Greene January 05, 2013 at 04:13 AM
Wickham Park is really the bomb for big hills in this area - closed in the winter to cars, but park on the side street next to Marco Polo and walk in. Awesome! Great comment by Dick Alley. I grew up in Manchester, and lived near Bowers school. We would take our sleds up to the top of the hill behind Bowers, and if it was icy enough, go all the way down, past the softball backstop, and and on a trail through the woods. The woods are gone now, with apartments there.


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