Vernon's $27 Million Road Bond Issue Passes

Is your road on the list for the first year?

Center 375 on Tuesday. Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel
Center 375 on Tuesday. Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel

Vernon is going to start loving the smell of blacktop in the morning. 

That's because town officials are about to declare war on the potholes, cracks, ruts and general states of disrepair they say have been plaguing the town's streets for years, thanks to voters approving up to $27.65 million in bonding for a six-year road work project. 

A total of 437 "yes" votes were cast and 326 "no" votes were submitted at Center 375 during the course of the day and evening on Tuesday. 

Considering there were 15,717 eligible voters for the issue, the turnout - about 4.85 percent - barely left a skid mark. But the bond ordinance was officially endorsed and the town can now borrow the $27 million to pay for the program if it needs to. 

So is your road on the list for the first year? 

To see an explanation of the program, visit: 


For a look at a power point presentation on the project, visit:

The Town Council formally approved the plan on Oct. 15.

Treasurer and Finance Director James Luddecke has said it is the first bond issue to come before townspeople since 2008, when $1.18 million was borrowed to help fund the Phoenix Street Bridge project.

Public Works Director Robert Kleinhans has called the project, "New approaches to an old problem."

In all, the program includes 219 roads, town officials said. 
Carol Hall January 30, 2014 at 06:58 AM
Unbelievable! Less than 3% of the eligible voters are able to pass spending of over $27 million. I think there needs to be a quorum before any vote can be legitimized! I have a feeling many people in town were not aware of this vote. I can't believe that people just have that much disposable money that they didn't care either way. I hope this money is not paying for more granite curbing in Rockville!
chris schliphack January 30, 2014 at 07:14 PM
Tim January 30, 2014 at 07:53 PM
There is over 15k people that could of voted for this. Yet barely 1k people came out to vote. I voted at 3:30 ish and there was only like 2 other people voting at that time. Yet. everyone feels like they have a right to complain. Even though the majority of this town did not put in any effort to vote. Now here the kicker. When its time to vote for the new town budget. Everyone going to be taking this out on the education budget and making the kids suffer, because they could not take 2 minutes to vote on a $27 million road bond.
John January 31, 2014 at 09:11 AM
Based on the assessment from the Town's report, your taxes just went up an additional $77-$230 a year for the next 22 years. Good job Vernon Residents. Don't complain if you didn't vote!!!!
Mark j carney sr February 10, 2014 at 07:04 AM
I did not know of this vote I think it sucks why that much lots of ppl have a hard time paying all this tax now then 77.00 more on there bill what they do take the high bid I bet will be real hard on lots of ppl I did not even know of the vote what they do put to sings up in town so sad roads really need lots of help but they just patch or just cap off need to be done right old stuff off new put on but I know that won't happen for all that kind of money they should be all new don't u think I live on tunnel rd last summer they just patched this road is in bad shape as you all know I hope we are on for a new road for that kind of money it's a state rd you would link it would be in better shape town of Vernon just might not touch this rd it's state so what now please some one let me know what they do for a state rd please save my cars this rd are killing are cars I think it is in bad shape so what now mark carney sr we pay enough on car tax to use roads that are shit thanks all have a nice day 😎✌️


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