Vernon Man Finds a Treasure Buried in a Lottery Ticket

He was a $30,000 winner.

Arrrghhh … it was a hearty dinner indeed for Christopher Brown.

Shortly after receiving a $10 tip from a customer for a late night tow, wrecker driver Christopher Brown of Vernon ended his shift and stopped to get dinner. 

“I went to pick up some Chinese take-out,” Brown explained to Connecticut Lottery officials about a trip to China Taste. 

“While I was waiting for my food, I took the change from the $10 and went next door to Krauszer’s.  I noticed the ‘Pirate’s Treasure’ ticket and bought one."

It was better than a fortune cookie. It was a $30,000 winner.

Lottery officials said a winning number match on Brown’s Pirate’s Treasure ticket ultimately revealed one of the game’s $30,000 top prizes.

“I scratched the ticket and saw a $3 prize and thought I won my money back.  Then I saw all the zeros after it. I had to sit down. I felt like I was dreaming,” Brown said with a laugh.

The prize Brown received after taxes was valued at $20,491. It was a nice welcome gift.

“I recently moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut. I sold my car to help pay for the move.  This prize will help me to buy a new car,” Brown said.

For selling Brown his $30,000 top prize winning ticket, Krauszer’s, located at 73 East St., will receive a $300 bonus check from the CT Lottery.

The overall odds of winning a prize in Pirate’s Treasure are 1 in 3.93, lottery officials said. Of the four top prizes in the game, two remain to be claimed, lottery officials said.


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