Sledding Was Easier Than Eating

But one restaurant was a little creative.

It was a day to keep the kids busy and to find some food.

One option was to fill the first need was obvious. The second took a little innovation.

It snow sports terms, the surface at Vernon Center Middle School would be termed loose ungroomed granular. In other words, good luck with the bumps.

Nevertheless, with no classes on Monday, yon people headed to the hill adjacent to the school.

Skylar Goold, 10, a student at Northeast School, was one of the sledders. When asked if she wanted all week off, she said yes at first, and then though about it.

"Not if we may lose a week of vacation," she said.

Skylar said it not knowing that in just a few hours, school officials would call off classes for the rest of the week.

Finding something to do with the kids was a lot easier than finding food.

R House on Hartford Turnpike was a little creative. A waitress  work up MOnday morning, realized she had an unused generator, brought it to the  restaurant and it was able to run some of the equipment.

Add the gas-powered grill, and the staff ended up serving food all day with a limited menu.


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