RCA Moving Along in its Efforts for Charitable Classification

A major grant would be sought for a skate park.

The efforts to get the Rockville Community Alliance incorporated as a charitable organization are well underway, organization officials said on Sunday.

RCA officials said that they are ready to complete the 501(c)3 application designating the organization as a charity. That paves the way for foundations, companies and others to donate funds and take an Internal Revenue Service approved deduction. 

The application, which numbers about 150 pages, is being reviewed for completeness and accuracy, and once that is done, it will be sent to the IRS, organization officials said.

The application has taken the RCA about eight weeks to complete, officials said.

The RCA will then turn to grant-seeking. Officials said the plan is to start with "four or five" foundations.

One target is the Tony Hawk Foundation in an effort to built a skate park in town, RCA officials said.


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